Why Swifties Think Taylor Swift Is Announcing Something Major On Aug. 3

Theories involve everything, including Selena Gomez and the long-awaited 1989 (Taylor’s Version).

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Swifties, it’s time to put on your thinking caps — and perhaps your clown shoes. Many fans on Twitter think that Taylor Swift is gearing up to make a major announcement on Aug. 3 thanks to a few key hints that something is in the air (beyond the “salt air” mentioned in “august”), as well as some long-standing theories in the Swift fandom.

Aug. 3 is a potentially significant date in the Swift fandom for a few reasons, dating back to how Swift revealed the Midnights tracklist in October 2022. During her “Midnights Mayhem With Me” TikTok videos, Swift held her phone upside down when revealing Track 3, “Anti-Hero,” and Track 8, “Vigilante Sh*t.” To this day, Swifties are still trying to figure out if the upside-down phone means anything, with one of the most common ideas being that it signifies a date of either March 8 or Aug. 3. Since nothing of note happened on March 8, there’s only one option left.

Additionally, Swift has developed a small pattern of revealing big projects at her first shows in some major cities on the Eras Tour. She announced Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) at her first Nashville show on May 5, and premiered her “Karma” music video at her first New Jersey show on May 26. Most recently, Swift held her Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) release party at her first Kansas City show on July 7, revealing her “I Can See You” video and bringing out the cast to celebrate. Swift’s first show in Los Angeles is on Aug. 3, which lines up with a potential announcement.

The most common theory is that 1989 (Taylor’s Version) will be announced that day, an album that has been teased for over two years. Although Swift just released her latest re-recording on July 7, she’s already switched her social media profile pictures from Speak Now (TV) promo to Midnights images, which indicates that she’s either transitioning between eras or there could even be more Midnights content to come. Fans are hoping for the former.

Some Swifties also think that Swift’s famous BFF Selena Gomez could somehow be involved in the Aug. 3 plans, as her cosmetics brand Rare Beauty has been inviting fans and influencers to Swift’s LA show that day. Gomez has already attended the Eras Tour and joined Swift onstage in the past, like at a Reputation Tour show in Los Angeles in May 2018, so it’s always possible that it may happen again.

Another possibility is that Swift will announce more Eras Tour dates on Aug. 3. While she’s scheduled to play overseas through August 2024, Instagram gossip account Deuxmoi has received anonymous tips indicating that Swift reportedly plans to return to North America later next year with dates being announced “around August 3.” If this information is accurate, Swift will play in New Orleans in October and Toronto in November, marking her first Eras Tour shows in Canada.

Of course, all of these hints may turn out to be red herrings, but with Swift’s known track record of easter eggs, anything is possible.