Taylor Swift Fans Spotted A Sweet Moment With Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds’ Kids

James and Inez got an adorable onstage greeting.

Taylor Swift greeted Blake Lively's kids during her May 12 Eras Tour show in Philadelphia.
Lisa Lake/TAS23/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; Nina Westervelt/Variety/Getty Images

Show after show, inquisitive Swifties have been on the lookout for any VIPs who might be in Taylor Swift’s audience. The Eras Tour stop in Philadelphia on May 12 didn’t disappoint: Blake Lively brought her two oldest daughters with husband Ryan Reynolds, 7-year-old James and 6-year-old Inez, to the show. Fans even spotted them getting a special acknowledgement from Swift during her concert.

Mid-show, the 12-time Grammy winner could be seen saying something to concertgoers in the VIP tent that the mic barely picked up. “Would love to know what Taylor mouthed to the tent during All Too Well!” a fan wrote, posting video of the moment to TikTok. Other Swifties weighed in with the answer in the comments, suggesting she’d said, “Hi James! Hi Nezzy!” The Twitter account Taylor Swift News agreed, sharing it with the message, “Taylor saying hi to Blake and Ryan’s children James and Inez whilst on stage.”

Aside from the onstage moment at the Philadelphia show, fans saw the two Lively-Reynolds kids backstage with their mom, according to People. The girls were reportedly holding hands with Swift on her way out, waving goodbye to fans. Their two younger sisters missed out, which is fitting given that Betty is just 3 and the baby was born in February.

Swift is famously close to Lively, Reynolds, and the four children they now have. She used James and Inez’s names, plus Betty’s for her 2020 song “Betty.” They even got a shoutout when she won Album of the Year at the 2021 Grammy Awards, along with their parents, whom she called “the second and third people I play every new song that I write [for],” per MTV News.

The girls’ parents think it’s “pretty d*mn amazing” that Swift used their names in “Betty,” Reynolds said during a SiriusXM interview in August 2021. He called it “an honor” and knew they could trust her with it. They surprised their kids by not telling them about their names in the song until it was done. “They didn’t know. They had no idea,” he said.

Let’s not forget that Swift recorded baby James’ voice for the intro to 2017’s “Gorgeous.” Fans also suspected that Swift’s 2022 track “You’re on Your Own Kid” from Midnights revealed their then-unborn fourth child’s name. However, Lively and Reynolds have yet to announce the name.

Reynolds further opened up about Swift and her relationship to the family in another SiriusXM interview, this one on The Jess Cagle Show in November 2022. To their kids, the Midnights singer is “just like an aunt, like a friend of Mommy and Daddy that’s very, very close, almost family.” It wasn’t until they went to a concert that they got a sense of what she is to other people.