Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Finale Door & Use Of Orange May Hint At A New Album

What do the orange door, orange jacket, and orange flames mean? Let’s investigate.

Taylor Swift's Eras Tour Finale Door & Use Of Orange May Hint At A New Album
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Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour celebrates all 10 of her studio albums, from her 2006 self-titled debut to 2022’s Midnights, with a mammoth 3-hour show comprising of 44 songs. But she may not be stopping there. Fans think Swift is hinting at her next album era during the Eras Tour finale, when she performs “Karma,” after noticing some potential easter eggs.

As Swifties know, all of Swift’s album eras have been represented by a color, like sky blue for 1989 and pink for Lover, as indicated by the elevator buttons in the “Bejeweled” video, a bracelet sold on Swift’s merch store, and the “Lover” house, which includes a room depicting each album. Early in the show, Swift displays the beloved house onscreen before promptly burning it down with bright orange flames. But the most prominent hints come at the end of the show.

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While Swift sings “Karma,” her dancers emerge in sparkly jackets, all of which are different colors to symbolize album eras — but that doesn’t explain the orange jacket, as none of her albums have used an orange color scheme. As Swift makes her exit on the catwalk, the door at the back of the stage opens up and flashes a bright shade of orange before the entire stage goes out.

Swift has precedent for hinting at her next album on tour right before the crowd goes home. On the Fearless Tour, purple confetti flew down from the rafters, which indicated her next album Speak Now. The tradition continued on the 1989 World Tour, when Swift used black and white confetti to hint at Reputation, and on the Reputation Stadium Tour, where she donned a pastel dress that ended up signifying Lover. The use of orange may not be a coincidence.

Naturally, given how most of these moments happen during the performance of “Karma,” Swifties have linked them back to her long-rumored lost album Karma — and they may be onto something. During a scene in “The Man” video from 2020, the word “karma” is painted in orange graffiti alongside her previous albums that she would re-record. Fans think Swift planned to use orange as the color scheme for that rumored scrapped album, before recording Reputation and pivoting to black. If she’s hinting at it now, perhaps this mythical album may finally arrive.

If there’s merit to this theory, the orange would not signify a “Taylor’s Version” album. Fans think that Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) will be her next re-recording to be released, thanks to several easter eggs in her “Bejeweled” video, but Speak Now’s color is a deep purple, not orange. Since none of her eras have used an orange color scheme, be on the lookout for an entirely new album.