Which RHOP Housewife Has The Biggest Net Worth?

This housewife’s net worth may be taking a hit after she opened up about financial struggles on the Season 7 reunion.

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The Real Housewives of Potomac is about to conclude its seventh season with a three-part reunion, and with every new season comes new financial drama. Over the six previous seasons, the women have shared laughs, tears, fights, and even their finances, whether a new business is thriving or one of the ladies is running into unexpected struggles. Season 7 was no exception, as one Housewife found their businesses falling apart after filming wrapped, leaving the rest of the cast with questions.

Before tuning into the reunion, here’s a refresher on the main housewives — Gizelle Bryant, Ashley Darby, Robyn Dixon, Candiace Dillard-Bassett, Dr. Wendy Osefo, Mia Thornton, and Karen Huger — and their finances.

What Is Karen Huger’s Net Worth?


The wealthiest of the Potomac housewives, much of Karen Huger’s millions come from her entrepreneur husband Raymond Huger, who is reportedly worth $40 million himself from creating his information technology company Paradigm. But Karen has also contributed to the Huger family's bottom line with the launch of her fragrance line, La’ Dame Fragrance.

In addition to starring on the Real Housewives of Potomac, Karen became the first of the Potomac cast to get a spinoff on Bravo. Karen’s Grande Dame Reunion was a two-part special in which she, Raymond, and their daughter Rayvin traveled to her childhood hometown and decided what to do with the family’s property in Surry County, Virginia.

What Is Mia Thornton’s Net Worth?


As the show’s “certified boss,” Mia Thornton lives up to her name with a staggering amount of businesses to her name and a reported net worth of $5 million. Thornton owns 10 franchise locations of The Joint Chiropractic in four states and is also the CEO of the cosmetics company she founded called Amilleon London. Thornton’s husband Gordon also owns a few franchise locations of McDonald’s and an investment group. His exact net worth is unknown but also plays into Mia’s wealth.

However, Thornton’s finances are now up in the air. In October, Thornton claimed in a since-deleted Instagram post that Gordon’s brothers, who were entrusted as partners in their Joint Chiropractic franchises, revoked their access to the company bank account. “I’ve since learned that my salary will no longer continue past this next payroll cycle due to my unwavering loyalty to Gordon,” she wrote. “Never would we think that a decade of building generational wealth and opportunities would end up being taken from us overnight.”

Naturally, Andy Cohen and the ladies had many questions on the first part of the RHOP Season 7 reunion — and they were still puzzled by her answers. Thornton claimed that the board of their company elected a third managing member to the board, but the other two managing partners voted Gordon out, meaning he “no longer has a say in the day-to-day” operations. “They now can do what they want to do with the company,” she explained, before giving confusing numbers about many board members there were and her ownership percentage of the company. As a result, Thornton said they had to give up their Potomac rental home and other rental properties. The loss of their business will negatively affect Thornton’s net worth, though it’s unclear by how much.

What Is Ashley Darby’s Net Worth?


A former pageant queen, Ashley Darby rose to prominence as the winner of the 2011 Miss District of Columbia. While working as a bartender she met her now-husband, Australian real estate mogul Michael Darby, who is 29 years older than her. With his help, she launched Oz Restaurant and Bar, billed as DC’s premier authentic Australian restaurant (which has since shuttered).

Michael and Ashley are in the process of getting divorced, which may impact her net worth once everything is finalized. As she revealed in the first part of the Season 7 reunion, Ashley signed an iron-clad prenup with Michael, meaning that she will not be walking away from the marriage with as much money as she previously had thought.

What Is Candiace Dillard-Bassett’s Net Worth?


Candiace Dillard-Bassett started out in the pageant world, winning the title of Miss United States before transitioning into a political career. Dillard-Bassett worked for the 2012 Obama presidential reelection campaign and has also worked at the White House.

Nowadays, outside of starring on RHOP, she is the CEO of a pageant consulting company and the co-founder of the hair brand, Prima Hair Collection. Dillard-Bassett also co-owns Chateau Salon Suites, a space for beauty professionals. A woman of many talents, Dillard-Bassett also has a music career, releasing her debut album Deep Space in September 2021, and recently announced that a scripted series she wrote was moving forward at ALLBLK — thus contributing even more to her reported $4.5 million net worth.

What Is Gizelle Bryant’s Net Worth?


An original cast member of RHOP, Gizelle was previously married to megachurch pastor Jamal Bryant, with whom she had three daughters. Only after the divorce did she move to the Maryland suburb, though she also spent some time working with the Birmingham, Alabama city council to help fundraise for charities.

Bryant was also the owner of the EveryHue Beauty makeup line which launched in 2016 and focuses on products for women of color. She announced the makeup line shut down in 2020. These days, the show’s Queen of Shade has leaned into her show identity with the Reasonably Shady podcast, which she hosts with fellow RHOP castmate Robyn Dixon and a full line of branded merchandise.

What Is Robyn Dixon’s Net Worth?


Another member of the original cast, Robyn Dixon just re-married former NBA player Juan Dixon, who she met in high school after they divorced prior to the show. The couple has two sons together and still lived under the same roof during their divorce in order to raise their children.

Though her life as a WAG is technically over as Juan is retired, she and her family still have a substantial amount of cash to their name. Dixon also had a career working in PR and events, and even launched her own line of satin-lined caps called “Embellished.” She also co-hosts the Reasonably Shady podcast with Bryant, where she certainly makes a small amount from brand deals and sales from their merch.

What Is Dr. Wendy Osefo’s Net Worth?


Another self-made woman, Dr. Wendy Osefo’s net worth largely comes from her career as a political commentator on networks like CNN, ABC, and BBC. Osefo has a Ph. D. in Public Affairs/Community Development from Rutgers University and is also the founder of the 1954 Equity Project, LLC which aims to help minorities get higher education. While she’s not filming RHOP, Osefo is a professor at John Hopkins University School of Education.

Osefo has a reported net worth of $1.5 million and is allegedly $1.5 million in debt — though much of that is said to be attributed to student loans.

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