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Not A Single Love Island US Couple Is Still Together

Here’s why they all broke up.

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'Love Island' US couple Caleb and Justine, who are no longer together.

Entering into a relationship on reality TV is always a gamble, as the couples of Love Island US know all too well. Since filming ended, not a single couple from either of the show’s two seasons has stayed together, though some former contestants have at least remained friends. Here's what we know about their breakups.

Season 1

Elizabeth & Zac

Season 1 winners Elizabeth and Zac were smitten with one another in 2019, but the busy realities of life soon got in the way. “I think I can speak for everyone from the cast. We came back and just kind of had a hard time adjusting,” Elizabeth told Bustle in August 2020. “And then COVID hitting didn't make anything easier.” The pair decided to separate in December 2019, four months after winning the show. "We're friends. We check in on each other here and there,” she added.

As Zac explained in an Instagram Story, he and Elizabeth “wanted different things and it wasn't fair to either of us to continue on a path that no longer served either of us or our differing interests." Based on their social media posts, both parties are still single now.

Alex & Dylan

Alex and Dylan's relationship was thrown "into real life, real quick when Alex broke her jaw shortly after returning home. “He was amazing with me when I broke my jaw, [but] that kind of takes a huge toll on people," Alex told Bustle in August 2019. "It's just not something normal.” By November of the same year, the two had decided that they were better off as friends.

Per E!, Alex wrote in an Instagram story that "heartbreak is hard, and that while her relationship with Dylan “was a Fairytale romance for me, sometimes things just don't work out."

Dylan appears to be single and spends a lot of his time by the ocean. Alex also seems to be single. “If she’s drinking a spicy marg before 12 pm on a weekday, just focus on yourself my guy,” she wrote in a June 30 Instagram post.

Kyra & Cashel

Kyra and Cashel's relationship in the villa was messy, and it only got messier at home. Kyra alleged to Bustle in August 2019 that both she and Cashel cheated on each other. Cashel, however, called the claim "news to me." The two ultimately parted ways in December 2019. "I didn't trust him. He didn't trust me," Kyra said. "It just kind of spiraled after that."

Per Looper, Kyra and Cashel have since unfollowed each other on Instagram and have been working on their respective modeling careers. Cashel was in a relationship with a woman named Alexandra Karacozoff for a while, but it’s unclear if they’re still dating as their last photo together is from September 2020. Kyra appears to be single, but proudly shared several Pride-centric photos on Instagram last month; she also recently partnered with a women’s sex toy brand.

Caro & Ray

Caro and Ray were the couple to last the longest after Love Island, but Caro ended their long-distance relationship in June 2020. “I just don’t feel like he was committed to the relationship like I was,” she said in an announcement on her YouTube channel. “So that’s why I decided to break up with him.” Ray, however, told Bustle that he doesn't fear commitment — Caro simply didn't favor his flourishing social life.

“I guess she likes someone who will give her more attention,” he explained. “Based off her past experiences and what she's been through in her life, it's very difficult, you know, me being very friendly. I have a lot of female friends as well ... and that was always an issue for her.” Still, Ray has "no bad blood" with Caro and hopes that they can reconnect one day as friends.

Both Caro and Ray appear to be single and working on separate modeling gigs; Ray has paid partnerships with companies like SmartWater, while Caro is a Fashion Nova partner.

Weston & Emily

The least promising couple in Season 1, Weston and Emily dated for a little while before moving on. They didn't publicly announce their breakup, but Emily wrote in a Valentine's Day Instagram post that she was spending the holiday "falling in love with myself." Currently, they both appear to be single.

Season 2

Justine & Caleb

Season 2 winners Justine and Caleb were close when they left the show in October 2020, but by December they had parted ways. In a tweet, Caleb explained that they met up for a brand deal in December that Justine was very excited about “that happened to include me.” They meant to publicly announce their breakup when that content dropped in December, but things got delayed until January.

The two eventually broke the news of their split on Jan. 16, 2021. "It’s truly a strange feeling to be typing this out but I understand my reality is now having to share some aspects of my life with you all regardless of how private I’d like to remain at times," Justine wrote in an Instagram statement. "This is extremely difficult for me to express but out of respect for those of you who supported me, and rode for me, I want you to know that Caleb and I are no longer together."

Per Entertainment Tonight, Caleb shared his own Instagram statement wherein he wished Justine "the absolute best and much continued success” and asked fans to give them some privacy.

Cely & Johnny

Season 2 runners-up Cely and Johnny also ended their relationship in December 2020. Though Cely announced the breakup in a Jan. 9 tweet, she explained in a later YouTube video that she and Johnny parted ways over the holidays. They went on a Christmas trip to Hawaii together, but “it didn’t work out. I came home early, and he stayed,” she explained.

Though Johnny accused Cely of misleading fans about why their relationship ended, Cely said in the YouTube video that she’s focused on looking forward. “I’m trying my hardest to not be associated with that relationship anymore,” she said. “I have honestly moved on, and I’m encouraging everybody else to move on with me.”

Moira & Calvin

Moira and Calvin found their way back together after separating during Casa Amor, but their relationship didn’t last long after leaving the villa in October 2020. In a November Instagram Story, Moira announced that they had decided to part ways.

"After the show, when we left Las Vegas and went back to the real world, our plan was to take it day by day," she told People on Nov. 23. She added that her relationship with Calvin was really a “situationship,” and that the time they spent together in the villa “really wasn't long enough — maybe like, two weeks or even less — to build a foundation for a relationship on the outside."

Though Moira currently appears to be single based on her Instagram, she told People that she’s “ready for a boyfriend and ready for love. And if that means maybe getting my heart broken one more time to find the real thing, I'm open."

Laurel & Carrington

Carrington was with Kaitlyn and Kierstan before pairing up with Laurel in the back half of Season 2. Coming in fourth place, the two dated for a little while but had also ended things by December 2020. Per ScreenRant, Carrington said in an Instagram Live with Johnny that he and Laurel "gave it an honest effort" after the show but things didn’t pan out. He added that they were just “talking” and “weren’t boyfriend and girlfriend.”

Laurel is currently in a relationship with an entrepreneur named Bryce, while Carrington is dating Livy, a cheerleader at the University of Southern California.

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