Who Is Machine Gun Kelly’s Daughter Casie? His Life In Pink Trailer Features Footage Of Her

They have the most adorable relationship.

Casie Baker is Machine Gun Kelly's daughter. Photo via Getty Images
Amy Sussman/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Maybe you never really wanted to know that Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox drink each other’s blood, or the things they did on a kitchen table at their Airbnb — but such is the nature of this delightfully chaotic (and very sharing) couple. The self-described “twin flames” have been moving forward in their relationship, too, from their January engagement to rumors of a baby-to-be this May.

Of course, if you’ve been keeping up with Fox and MGK for a while, you may know that they’re both already parents: Fox shares three sons with ex Brian Austin Green, while MGK (aka, Colson Baker) shares a 12-year-old daughter, Casie, with ex Emma Cannon.

Casie — whose full name, Casie Colson Baker, borrows from the rapper — has long appeared by her dad’s side on the red carpet, including at November’s American Music Awards. And even more recently, you might have spotted Casie in the trailer for Life in Pink, the upcoming Hulu documentary about the “Emo Girl” singer’s life and career. At one point in the trailer, MGK recalls having a weapon pulled on him while he was with Casie. Back in the present day, the two are shown to spend lots of time together — from sharing a casual meal, to hanging out backstage. “People say that stuff about my dad,” Casie says in the trailer, addressing criticism against MGK. “But you only see one side.”


Based on the trailer, it also appears that MGK’s daughter is a budding volleyball star — the two seem to practice together, and the musician is shown rushing (ostensibly between performances) to make Casie’s volleyball game the next morning.

Their shared interests range from sports to movies, too. Last February, MGK took to Instagram to celebrate the duo’s first movie together — and in one clip, he gives her flowers and tells her “Congratulations.” Aw... (The film, NME reports, is an upcoming crime thriller called One Way.)

And if it wasn’t super clear by this point, MGK confirmed he and Casie were, indeed, extremely close in a sweet 2020 birthday post. “Dassss my best friendddd,” he wrote. MGK even turns to Casie for music advice. “I trust her opinion more than I trust my own now,” he told Kelly Clarkson in 2021. He also added that she’s not afraid to give him honest feedback, via one phrase in particular: “She goes, ‘You thought you ate that?’”

Who Is Casie Colson Baker’s Mom, Emma Cannon?

Though Casie Colson Baker definitely has a very famous dad, her mom is more low-profile; in fact, there’s actually not too much public information about her. MGK and Emma Cannon became parents to Casie in July 2009, when MGK was just 19 years old — so it seems that they simply took different paths since becoming parents.

Though the pair haven’t been together for a while, MGK clearly has nothing but love for his fellow co-parent. “My daughter has an amazing mom,” he wrote on Mother’s Day in 2020. “Big love to all the young moms out there killin it.”