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TikTokers Are Convinced This Rachel Green Habit Will Ruin All Your 'Friends' Rewatches

First the side parts, now this.

By Jack Irvin

Everyone’s Invited. Except For The Unvaccinated.

Disagreements about the COVID vaccine are forcing friendships to unravel.

By Emma Pattee

Courteney Cox's Spin On The 'Friends' Theme Song Will Make You Want To Rewatch

Can I please hire her to play "I'll Be There For You" at my wedding?

By Savannah Walsh
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Kenan Thompson's Surprise Encounter With A 'Friends' Star Inspired His New Sitcom

"It just looked like the sweetest existence I’ve ever seen."

By Grace Wehniainen

How To Use Zoom To Screen-Share Your Favorite Rom-Com With Friends

Just don't forget the snacks.

By Syeda Khaula Saad and Lauren Grant
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11 Galentine's Day Date Ideas, Inspired By Your Favorite Movies

Your BFF is the love of your life.

By Carolyn Steber
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10 Texts To Send An Ex On Valentine's Day

"Are My flowers in the mail?"

By Griffin Wynne
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10 Romantic Valentine's Day Dates You Can Do Over Zoom

Let your romance go remote.

By Griffin Wynne
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The Unexpected Way Matthew Perry Convinced Julia Roberts To Guest Star On 'Friends'

Roberts appeared in Season 2's "The One After the Super Bowl" episode.

By Jessica Wang
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18 Texts To Send An Ex You Still Have To See

"I'm happy to talk as friends, but also can give you space."

By Griffin Wynne
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Lisa Kudrow Already Shot Some Of The 'Friends' Reunion

"We're definitely doing it, because I already shot a little something."

By Julia Emmanuele
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21 Expert-Approved Relationship Goals For 2021

More day trips, less Netflix.

By Griffin Wynne