Health and Wellness


Elton John & Olly Alexander Call On The Govt To End HIV By 2030

Here's how you can show your support for their campaign.

By Asyia Iftikhar

I Let Go Of My Multistep Skin Care Routine

Was I caring for my skin, or taking out my aggression on it?

By Alice Bolin

I Let Go Of 'The Artist’s Way'

Now I write when I want to, because I want to.

By Katie Heaney

The Joy & Opportunity Of Dropping A Routine

Who cares? If the answer isn't, "I care about this thing, and I care about it a lot," why are you doing it?

By Madeleine Aggeler

How Embracing My Period Became Key To Recovering From An Eating Disorder

The side effects of my period can be triggering, but learning to live with them has taught me so much more than I expected.

By Emily Bashforth

What’s All This About Dry-Scooping Pre-Workout?

There’s only one good way to get the supplement into your system, and that’s in a smoothie.

By Jay Polish

Here’s What Happens When You Only Get 4 Hours Of Sleep

You might want to stop the late-night scrolling.

By Claire Fox

Thanks To Gen Z, I’m Finally Embracing Disability

It’s my students, coupled with the pandemic, that pushed my thinking forward.

By Shayla Lawson
Reproductive Health

In Texas, The Return Of Whisper Networks

It’s “just terrifying,” says a sorority president of the new abortion law.

By Andrea Zelinski

The Dieter’s Diet

Noom promises to teach you how to eat better, not less. (Except also, eat less.)

By Virginia Sole-Smith

Twitter Is Having A Field Day With Prof. Roy Taylor's Comments About Diabetes & Jean Size

Taylor has said people risk type 2 diabetes if they can’t fit into the jeans they wore at 21.

By Bustle UK
Reproductive Health

Inside The Groups Working To Get Texans Their Abortion Pills

On-the-ground activists are already turning to informal, clandestine methods to share information.

By Andrea Zelinski

How To Talk About The Vaccine & Reproductive Health, According To Experts

Surveys show that women ages 18 to 34 are the most likely group to refuse the jab due to concerns about fertility.

By Chloé Meley

UK Rules Around Fertility & Freezing Eggs Are Set To Change In A Major Way

Previously, frozen eggs, sperm, & embryos could only be stored for up to 10 years before they were destroyed.

By L'Oréal Blackett

This Simple Hack Stops Rings Getting Stuck On Your Fingers During The Heatwave

There’s help at hand.

By Charlotte Pasha and Sophie McEvoy

Why Do Millennials Fear The Sound Of Silence?

Our generation loves to sleep with background noise – but what does that say about our collective state of mind?

By Charlotte Moore