To Sisterhood

This International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating the beauty, the joy, and the power of the sisterhood.

Letter From The Editor

A few weeks ago, I hit a wall. I was really struggling with my mental health. After numerous attempts of contacting my GP, local mental health services, and other organisations – and failing, I did what any other millennial would do: I asked for help on Twitter. I wasn’t looking for attention or sympathy, but understanding. A feeling that I wasn’t alone.

A woman called Jamie Klingler, founder of Reclaim These Streets, reached out. We had never met before, but she gave me her number and offered to listen. We met and what followed was an afternoon of kindness. She gave me advice, and we laughed and we cried, until I no longer felt deserted in my suffering. “Sometimes we need women that have been around longer to remind us that we will survive,” she explained, but more on that later.

There’s no doubt that the past year has been a tough one for women across the UK. The murders of Sarah Everard, Sabina Nessa, Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman, and countless others remind us that being a woman in today’s world is still terrifying. Not only are we faced with feeling unsafe, we also come up against the patriarchy, the gender pay gap, the gender health gap, rising domestic violence, and the constant debate over women’s reproductive rights, to name but a few. And the emotional, physical, and financial toll of multiple lockdowns… It’s a lot to deal with.

Which is why we’re choosing to focus on the power, beauty, and joy of sisterhood this International Women’s Day instead. From inspiring interviews with powerhouse Sharmadean Reid, chef Rachel Rumbol, and money expert Iona Bain, to personal pieces from Rose Frimpong, Black Girls Book Club, and NotYourWife’s founders, I hope you will find support and encouragement here. A reminder that with challenge comes hope, as these brilliant women prove in their own ways. Proof that when the sisterhood works together, we create magic.

— Jessica Morgan, Senior Editor


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