13 New Years’ Resolutions We Made In The ‘90s

by Megan Grant

My New Years' resolutions as an adult have always been so practical: I vow I'm going to prepare my taxes earlier, visit the dentist regularly (yeah, right), and limit myself to only five pots of coffee a day. But the New Years' resolutions we made in the '90s looked a whole lot different. We weren't concerned with financial security or eliminating homelessness. It was more about promising yourself you wouldn't steal your little bro's Game Boy anymore, pinkie-swearing you weren't going to sneak Dunkaroos before dinner from now on, and proudly declaring that you were going to save up your allowance money for a new pair of light-up shoes. Because priorities.

'90s me was passionate about making these life-altering changes. Never mind the fact that statistically, most people don't end up sticking to their resolutions. Never mind the fact that no one cared whether or not I ate Dunkaroos before dinner. I couldn't be tamed. Every year, at the stroke of midnight, the big, shiny, glittery ball would drop and I'd watch silently, determined, adamant that from that point on, I was going to be a new person. Turn a new leaf. Give my life a makeover and be a better person. I boldly stated what my resolutions would be for the upcoming year...

1. I'm Going To Keep My Tamagotchi Alive For... At Least A Week

Let's not push it. Any longer than a week is just outrageous.

2. I Will Stop Leaving Bazooka Bubble Gum In The Pocket Of My Overalls

The 'rents get ticked when they take your pants out of the dryer and there's a giant wad of gum stuck to them.

3. I Will Achieve Kelly Kapowski Bangs

Look. Just look at her. Her hair game is on point. On fleek, even, despite the fact that "on fleek" was not a term we used in the '90s.

4. I Will Finally Memorize The Lyrics To "You Oughta Know"

Because you need to finally get it through your head that it's "cross I bear," not "cross-eyed bear."

5. I'm Going To Stop Stretching Out All My Tattoo Chokers

They never go back to their original size. Never.

6. I Will Only Use The Fruit Stripe Gum Tattoos On My Arms

Not my face. Even though I really, really want to.

7. I Will Memorize The Poem From 10 Things I Hate About You

Brilliance. Sheer brilliance.

8. I Will Stop Quoting Full House In Every Day Life

Oh, come on. Cut. It. Out. (Okay, now I'm done.)

9. I Will Consume Bubble Tape The Way We Were Meant To

I will henceforth unroll it, and not bite into it. Respect the Bubble Tape.

10. I Will Never Try To Give Myself The Rachel Haircut Again

I'm sorry. I'm just so sorry.

11. I Will Stop Using My Super Soaker Inside The House

Now there's a mistake you only make once.

12. I Will Have A Closet Like Cher From Clueless

As well as the corresponding software program that coordinates my outfits. It will be mine.

13. I Will Eat Healthier

Because this only worked in Romy and Michele's High School Reunion.

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