11 Ghost-Hunting Apps That Claim To Find Paranormal Activity

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11 Ghost-Hunting Apps That Claim To Find Paranormal Activity
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So you want to be a ghost hunter — I mean, who doesn't? Luckily for you, there's an app for that. In fact, there are several apps that claim to help you hunt ghosts. While a lot of people do their best to avoid acknowledging ghosts and spirts because dead things can be scary, others make ghost hunting into a career. But most people fall somewhere in the middle. Perhaps ghosts exist, and even if they don't it's fun to pretend they do around Halloween, and it's even more fun to hunt them.

According to the website Ghosts and Gravestones, the majority of paranormal activity occurs near battlefields, cemeteries, schools, and in houses. And before you begin your ghost hunt it's important to know that there are many different types of ghosts. "The most common of all ghosts spotted is usually of a deceased person, someone you know, a family member, or perhaps even a historical figure. These ghosts can be friendly or not — but often show themselves to others in a variety of ways," the site explained. Interactive ghosts like these might let you know they're around by emitting an odor, becoming visible, or making noises. The second type of ghosts is a mist-like quality: They look like swirling vapors, and they sometimes appear before a ghost manifests as a full-bodied apparition. Perhaps the most frightening type of ghost is the poltergeist. Seriously, the original 1980s Poltergeist movie trilogy gave me nightmares my entire childhood.

Ghosts and Graveyards noted that while being haunted by a poltergeist is super rare, it's also the most terrifying form of ghost. "Loud knocking sounds, lights turning on and off, doors slamming, even fires breaking out mysteriously have all been attributed to this type of a spiritual disturbance. Another frightening aspect of the poltergeist is that the event usually starts out slowly and mildly, then begins to intensify."

Another type of ghost, orbs, are the most photographed. They often appear in photos as balls of light and are thought to be the souls of deceased humans or animals. The last type of ghost is the funnel ghost. This ghost is associated with cold posts, usually in historic buildings. No matter which type of ghost you're hunting for, there's an app to help you be a better ghost hunter.


Ghost Hunting Tools

Ghost Hunting Tools, available for Apple users only, claims to be solely for entertainment, and it does not guarantee to help you find real ghosts. That said, it includes functionality like EMF meters (instruments that read the fluctuation in electromagnetic field) and EVP (electronic voice phenomena) detection, which IRL ghost hunters rely on to detect otherworldly spirits.

Download Ghost Hunting Tools



This is another Apple-only ghost hunting app, but it was tested by Live Scifi TV so it's definitely worth mentioning. iOvilus produces speech from ghosts based on changes to sensors on your phone. It's called instrumental trans communication. Who knows if it's real or if it just relies on what your phone already knows about you to send you scary messages. But reviewers on iTunes say it's hella creepy.

Download iOvilus


Ghostcom Radar Spirit Detector

This highly rated ghost hunting app is available for both Apple and Android. It claims to allow you to exchange messages with ghosts and spirits, as well as tell you where they are in the room.

Download Ghostcom for Apple

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Ghost Sensor — EM4 Detector

Available for both Apple and Android, the Ghost Sensor — EM4 Detector app claims it's the most accurate ghost detecting app. It works by detecting changes in electromagnetic fields to identify whether or not ghosts or spirits are present.

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Ghost Detector+

Ghost detector + uses highly advanced technology to discover what's lurking beyond what you can see. If you want to know if anything that looks like this is hanging around your house, then you're going to want to download Ghost Detector+.

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Spirit Board

This is a hard no for me. Anyone who believes that Ouija boards are real knows you're never supposed to use them alone. So, putting an app on your phone that acts like a Ouija board and communicates with spirits hardly seems like a good idea to me. But hey, you do you. In general, it's always good to ghost hunt with a friend because you never know what you might find.

Download Spirt Board for Apple

Download Spirit for Android


Ghost Detector Radar Camera

Not only is Ghost Detector Radar Camera considered the number-one ghost detector around, you can ask ghosts questions and you’re sure to get them answered. As appealing as that sounds, I, for one, am going to avoid that at all costs and maybe just stick to the scary ghost stories feature, so I can read about other’s experiences and not actually have one of my own.

Download Ghost Detector Radar Camera for Apple

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Ghost Radar: CLASSIC

If you’re a skilled ghost hunter, then you probably already know this, but apparently, traditional paranormal equipment (aka ghost hunting equipment) tends to malfunction if “normal energy” interferes with the readings. Ghost Radar: CLASSIC solves that problem for you and analyzes the readings only when interesting patterns occur. So you can rest assured that you’re not going to be fooled by something as mundane as wind or water messing with your reading.

Download Ghost Radar: CLASSIC for Apple

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Ghost Tracker EMF EVP Recorder

Ghost Tracker EMF EVP Recorder is said to be one of the most accurate, and veteran-approved ghost hunting trackers out there, according to a real paranormal researcher. In fact, in an interview with Vice in 2018, Kim Johnston, a paranormal researcher from Birmingham, Alabama, said, “[That] app has several tools in it, and I find that one useful because it’s built by genuine researchers and not people who are just trying to have fun or make an app that’s kind of a joke.” If that’s not genuine, I’m not sure what is.

Download Ghost Tracker EMF EVP Recorder for Apple

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Sono X10 Spirit Box

Another paranormal researcher-approved app is Sono X10 Spirit Box. In the same interview with Vice in 2018, Johnston said, “My favorite spirit box app that I’m using right now is SonoX10, which is one of those apps that just has a sound bank.” To sum up what a spirit box is quickly, the creators of the app made it simple: “It is not the spirits voice you hear, but the spirit can create words from the voice bank by manipulating the mobiles sensors.”

Download Sono X10 Spirit Box for Apple

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Ghost Detect Pro

Well, folks, the first line when reading about the app states: “This app WILL scare you.” I’ve never been more deterred from an app in my life, but, hey, that’s OK. After all, this ghost hunting stuff isn’t for everyone. If you dare to be scared, then Ghost Detect Pro may be your app of choice. Here are a few features that make this app so popular:

-Very accurate EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) detector

-Extremely sensitive microphone that will pick up the smallest of sounds

-Takes photos when anomalies are detected

...and so. much. more. Hence, why I will be avoiding it at all costs.

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