Try These 3 Easy Manifestation Rituals During August's Full Blue Moon

This rare astrological event carries powerful energy.

August 30, 2023 is a rare blue full supermoon. Here are three manifestation rituals to channel its e...
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Prepare for August’s next rare lunation to sprinkle a bit of magic into our full moon rituals, star babes! A full blue moon will illuminate the skies on Aug. 30 at 9:35 p.m. EST (6:35 p.m. PST) in imaginative Pisces. It’s also a supermoon (the moon’s orbit is closer to Earth than usual), making la luna’s glow extra special. This is a powerful opportunity for us to lean into our inner world, channel our intuition, and manifest our most ambitious dreams. To make the most of this moment, consider doing a full moon manifestation ritual. These three ideas are particularly easy.

Full moons have dramatic, emotional energy that prompt us to shut the door on what no longer serves us. Expect revelations that are hard to ignore. As a blue moon (the second full moon of the month), this rare lunation’s symbolism is amplified. Because this moon rises in Pisces, the sign of magic and dreams, spiritual work should (and will) come to the forefront.

“Because [blue moons] don’t come around that often, they portend intensely charged spiritual moments,” says Erin River Sunday, lead astrologer for Birthdate Co. “Be on the lookout for anything out of the ordinary, and appreciate the uniqueness of the moment.”

Don’t hold yourself back from channeling this moon’s power. Ready to manifest some magic?

August Full Blue Moon Manifestation Ideas

Make A Gratitude List

One of the major tenets of manifestation is expressing your thanks to the Universe. Sunday suggests listing out three things you wanted roughly two and a half years ago (the length of a blue moon’s cycle) that have now fully manifested. “Taking a moment to thank the Universe for delivering what you manifested in the past will ensure you’re in a responsible state to bring more in,” Sunday says.

Practice Self-Reflection

Full moons are a great time for introspection, but with stern Saturn’s presence during this lunation, it might be harder to recognize the strides you’re making toward your long-term goals. Plus, with Mercury retrograde upon us, she says, “It might be helpful to look back and see where you can shift your habits to set you up for even greater manifesting potential.”

Appreciate The Earth

With Pisces’ association with the otherworld, it’s important not to get swept out of the material world. “Getting outside and acknowledging natural beauty will show the Universe you’re ready and willing to work with her,” explains Sunday. Pisces is all about empathy and compassion, so remember to bring that energy into your appreciation for Mother Nature.