10 Podcasts That Should Be On Every Astrology Lover’s Radar

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the best astrology podcasts for 2021.
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Whether you have your birth chart hanging above your bed and live by Co–Star notifications or just peek at your daily horoscope from time to time, we can all learn a thing or two from astrology podcasts. While the seemingly endless list of podcasts about the stars might be enough to make an indecisive Libra’s head spin, the beauty of having so many options is that you can gain different insights from diverse perspectives of astrologers with various backgrounds, as well as fresh takes from astro-apprentices who are embarking on their cosmic journey in real-time.

And luckily, there’s an astrology podcast tailored to your specific interests, whether you’re more fascinated in how the stars played a role in the Royal Family drama, you want to know everything your monthly horoscope has in store for you, or you’re more of the analytical type and need long, thorough lessons to really grasp the complexity of it.

So, if you’re looking to dive deeper into the specific details of your birth chart — knowing the energies in your houses and learning more about your Saturn return — these 10 astrology podcasts are some of the best guides.

How did the Fyre Festival fail? What transits drove the love triangle of Harry Styles, Olivia Wilde, and Jason Sudeikis? What’s the driving astrological force behind the Kardashian takeover?

The Allegedly Astrology podcast breaks down the astrological transits, like how Lilith (aka the “dark moon” that marks the point in the sky where the moon is furthest from the earth during its orbit) entered the mystical sign of Pisces during the Salem Witch Trial. Peering from a millennial birds-eye view of astrology, professional astrologer Dana DeFranco, with the help of astro-lovers Elyse Carlucci, and Sarah Dembkowski, discusses exactly what was going on in the stars during some of the most outrageous events in cultural history, including the #FreeBritney movement.

Identical twins Ophira and Tali Edut, better known as the AstroTwins, are intuitive astrologers, authors of The Astrotwins’ 2021 Horoscope, and proud Sagittarians. They also host their own astrology podcast, AstroTwins Radio, where they sit down with professional astrologers like celebrity astrologer Aliza Kelly and Bustle’s own Mecca Woods. The twins discuss a variety of cosmic topics from astronumerology to astro meditations, and lengths of the episodes vary from short and succinct, half-hour episodes to a more thorough examination of the stars. Did we mention they’ve delivered astrological guidance to celebs like Beyoncé and Karlie Kloss?

If you consider yourself more of a practical learner and need a thorough podcast to help you master the art of astrology, The Astrology Podcast is here to take you back to the basics. Professional astrologer and host Chris Brennan takes an extremely close look into the different anomalies of astrology from a historical and philosophical point of view. Not only does this podcast cover in-depth cosmo courses, Brennan also delivers monthly astro forecasts that dig into the current energies surrounding us.

Each episode is over an hour-long, so you can be sure to learn something new every day, whether you’re a seasoned astrologer or a cosmic novice. Brennan brings fellow astrologers to help break down the nuances of astrology. And because the podcast lends a philosophical and technical perspective of the stars, this astrology podcast is perfect for those who aren’t keen on the conversational aspect of podcasts.

These conversations take on more than just an astrological point of view — they draw a link between astrology and modern psychology. With topics like Jungian Shadow Archetypes, this podcast host levels up as an instructor of Jungian psychology — which is basically a branch of psychology focused on dreams and diving deep into our unconscious minds — as it relates closely with astrology. You’ll leave the podcast knowing more than a generalized horoscope of your sun, moon, and rising signs, but also with the tools to analyze your own personal psychology.

In this weekly astrology podcast, astrologers Alice Bell and Maxine Luzia bring you a practical guide to the stars with lessons in specific topics like synastry, Midhaven, and the cursed Mercury Retrograde. The hosts also dive deep in current transits, such as Saturn cycles and eclipse season, to help you better navigate the world.

Don’t worry about whether these topics are relevant for you — these hosts also take questions from their listeners, including what a Jupiter Return symbolizes and touchy topics like whether cusps signs actually exist or not, so you can be sure these episodes are applicable to your daily routine.

If you want an extremely thorough and rigorous crash course in astrology, try the Hermetic Astrology Podcast for size. This top-rated astrology podcast has been a cult favorite for more than a decade and has been creating episodes for more than 13 years, so you can feel confident in knowing that host Gary P. Caton knows what he’s talking about.

Biweekly, Caton connects astrological transits as it relates to a Hermetic approach to astrology, like this episode on the Hidden Alchemy of the Great Conjunction. Hermetic teachings basically uphold the deep philosophical idea that you’re destined for something special, so this particular spin on astrology is no more unusual than it is endearing. Hermetic Astrology Podcast explores topics like shifting perspectives during major transits, such as Venus and Mercury retrograde.

Long and extensive podcasts loaded with information can get a bit overwhelming at times. Looking for a light-hearted and comedic take on astrology instead? Enter the What’s Your Sign? Podcast, a weekly comedy podcast that’s sure to charm even the biggest astrology skeptics. Self-dubbed as the comedy podcast for lovers and haters, comedians and astrologers Julia Loken, Stevie Anderson, and astro-lover Lisa Chanoux teach you the basics of astrology while delivering loads of laughs.

Hosts not only answer your most pressing astrology questions, but they help you feel like you’re part of the conversation. In addition to covering topics like Saturn Return and North/South Node, What’s Your Sign? hosts dedicate episodes entirely to each sign, diving deep into their traits, habits, and reactions.

Ghost of a Podcast drops weekly astrological advice and is hosted by astrologer, psychic medium, and animal communicator, Jessica Lanyadoo. With over 20 years of supernatural experience under her belt, Lanyadoo tackles listener’s emails looking for astrological advice — from taking creative and professional risks later in life to navigating casual hookups — and explores in-depth knowledge of cosmic transits to help you cope with the modern world.

Each episode is about an hour long and includes a question from its listeners. What do the stars say about imposter syndrome? Can your birth chart reveal polyamorous relationships? And how can we use Pluto transits to better understand our anxiety? Ghost of a Podcast host explores these hard-hitting topics and gives a general horoscope at the end of each episode. Think of it as your survival guide to the modern world of mysticism.

If you’re into fresh takes from expert astrologers and astro-lovers with different sets of practices and backgrounds, celebrity astrologer Aliza Kelly has you covered. Every week, Kelly combines astrology education with exclusive expert interviews in her cosmic podcast, Stars Like Us. Kelly dives deep into astrological conversation, with help from experts like famed Tik Tok astrologer, Cole Prots and Twitter’s astrologer, Milk Strology, Kelly takes us on an hour-long astrological adventure in the stars, debunking Gemini myths, the future of astrology, and the practice of Hoodoo.

Fusing discussions around esoteric practices of spirituality with astrological topics like Hoodoo with Witch Doctor Alex, Stars Like Us encourages conversation from practitioners with different backgrounds and practices of astrology. Kelly also opens up the parallels between spiritual growth and using the stars for guidance — and how to use both to garner self-actualization. Both educational and conversational, Kelly drives discussions that are entertaining, inclusive, and good for the soul.

Practical earth signs, rejoice! Accessible Astrology with Eugenia Krok is a weekly astrology podcast that brings you an analytical and pragmatic approach to astrology that’s, well, accessible to all. Aside from being a practicing astrologer with 10 years of cosmic experience, Eugenia Krok is also an expert in psychotherapy, where she holds a Master's Degree in Counseling and Art Psychotherapy. Episodes on rising horoscopes are usually under 10 minutes, but the podcast also delivers more thorough conversations that fall just under an hour.

This astrology podcast covers topics from quick, succinct episodes on monthly horoscopes based on your rising sign to general, in-depth monthly horoscopes for the collective. It brings you a super practical perspective of astrology, breaking down the complex details of astrology in a way that’s entertaining and attainable. Not only are you able to delve into the complicated cosmos of astrology, but this podcast enables you to see through the lens of a seasoned psychologist — a perspective any sign can appreciate.