The Best Career For Taurus Zodiac Signs, According To An Astrologer

The bull will never give up the material girl lifestyle.

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You can use astrology as a way to find compatible matches when it comes to friends and romantic partners, but did you know your birth chart can also help you with career compatibility, too? Your astrological traits can help you discover the strengths that can help you get the job done — literally. The best career for Taurus zodiac signs will let them put their practical skills to the test. Careers in finance or that help others achieve the same stability Taurus is known for will also be good fits for the grounded and headstrong bull. Because Taurus is a fixed sign, meaning the middle of the three signs of their zodiac season, they don’t budge easily, making them well-suited for situations that require discipline and planning. Since they’re all about security, the earthy bull would fare best in a career related to money, such as a financial advisor or accountant.

“Tauruses are the material girls of the zodiac,” astrologer Lauren Ash tells Bustle. That’s because their ruling planet, Venus, governs money, love, and aesthetics. “Their steadfast approach to problem-solving is due to their fixed sign nature, which can also give them a streak of being stubborn. However, they are very practical at the end of the day.” This is why handling material matters and creating a sense of comfort for others are great ways for the bull to freely use their sensible mindset.

Even if your sun sign isn’t in Taurus, if you have the headstrong earth sign stationed in Mars in your birth chart, odds are, this kind of career will resonate for you as well. Mars rules over aggression and ambition, which comes in handy when discerning how well your impulses mesh in certain work environments. If you have a Taurus Mars, you tend to make calculated moves as opposed to impulsive decisions. It means you’re practical and take safety measures to ensure you’re making decisions that align with your values. Your tenth house is a great place to look, too — since it rules your public image and career, if your tenth house falls in Taurus territory, “jobs like a financial advisor, architect, accountant, lawyer, and investment banker may be a natural fit for the more practical side of Taurus,” says Ash.

Taurus Career Compatibility, Explained

There are a few astrological reasons that Taureses are so, uh, bullish about securing the bag. Tauruses’ ruling house — which refers to the area of life which governs each zodiac sign — is the second house of security and finances, which reflects their need for comfort and stability. If they don’t have a cushion, they don’t risk it. This makes them perfect for a role related to managing grants or working with nonprofit organizations. “These careers would allow a Taurus to use their keen financial and organizational skills to bring in money for a cause they are passionate about,” explains Ash.

Since they’re part of the fixed modality, which basically means they’re the doers of the zodiac, they’re all about building long-lasting foundations, making it an ideal job to help others invest and create a sustainable future. Once a fixed sign has idealized a goal, they go above and beyond to achieve them. Being an earth element, Tauruses have an objective mentality needed to help others reach their financial goals. They have an attachment to material things and take their possessions seriously, so they’d feel fulfilled when they can create plans, organize, and strategize in order to assist their clients in building wealth.

Although pragmatic, there’s an artistic side of Taurus, too. If you don’t resonate with bull’s analytical side, you may find a better fit in a creative field. Being ruled by Venus “makes jobs like an interior designer, publisher, florist, museum curator, professional chef, personal stylist, or makeup artist a better fit for a Taurus with an artistic side,” says Ash.

Tauruses are equal parts systematic and creative, so they have the capacity to thrive in both economics and in the arts. Whether it’s helping people build wealth or expressing themselves creatively, a Taurus’ professional goal is fundamentally to create a comfortable, stable environment for others.

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