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"Jelly nails" are officially trending again, why the "tunacado" sandwich recipe is going viral, and more.

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10 Holiday Fashion Picks Our Senior Editor Can't Stop Wearing

Bustle’s senior fashion editor, Kelsey Stiegman, is taking you into her own personal closet to share the rare pieces she cannot stop reaching for (read: her favorite $12 beanie, the comfiest over-the-knee boots, and the perfect slouchy winter sweater in the most delicious shade of Barbie pink). “It’s my job to try out the hottest trends,” she writes. “So if I wear the same item on repeat, you know it’s something really special. And that’s exactly what you’ll find on this list.” Read More

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Jelly Nails Are Officially Trendy Again

True ’90s kids will remember the see-through inflatable couches and jelly sandals that took over the era. Now you can carry the nostalgia with you on your fingertips — because jelly nails are back. It’s easy to bring a few inspo photos to the salon, but it might be even easier (and dare I say, more fun?) to do your own version at home — here’s how. Read More

These Are The 3 Most Mellow Zodiac Signs

While some people can learn strategies to become calmer, some people are naturally more mellow than others and their zodiac sign could be the reason why. According to professional astrologer Carol Starr, the three most mellow zodiac signs have one big thing in common. Read More

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TikTok’s Viral Tunacado Sandwich Is The Internet’s Favorite Lunch Right Now

The “Tunacado” sandwich trend is aptly named due to its two main ingredients, tuna and avocado, so you can think of it as the Bennifer or Polin of viral foods. While it might not seem like a particularly groundbreaking sandwich combo, what sets this one apart is how you can upgrade it easily to fit your own taste. Read More

Here's How Long You Should Hold A Stretch

Stretching is pretty well known as an important part of any exercise routine, but it can admittedly get a little, well, boring. Typically, most people don’t hold a stretch for as long as they should, says yoga teacher Trin Perkins. “Not holding a stretch long enough and not stretching frequently are two common reasons that people don’t experience results from stretching,” she tells Bustle. Read More


Here’s Your Daily Horoscope

The stars are shining down on you today. Read More

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