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The "ugly" trends Florence Pugh always pulls off, how to navigate dating while sober, and more.

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I'm Sober & Afraid I'll Never Have A "Normal" Dating Life Again

“How can I successfully date when I am in recovery and can never drink the way that most people look to do on first dates, special events, or trips with their significant other?” asks a Bustle reader. Our advice columnist Sophia Benoit addresses the concern over a “normal” dating life with her characteristic empathy and wit, enlisting the help of a therapist who specializes in recovery as well as sober memoirist Sarah Levy. Read More

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5 Times Florence Pugh Totally Pulled Off “Ugly” Trends

Let’s get one thing straight: Florence Pugh has never looked ugly a day in her life. But the red carpet maven does participate in polarizing trends most people wouldn’t touch. Ahead, all the wildest looks she has absolutely pulled off. Read More

How To Get The “Baby” Afro, According To Emma Weymouth’s Hairstylist

The versatility of naturally textured hair means that whether you’re into ombré box braids or Beyoncé style lace-fronts, there’s an endless supply of looks to choose from. However, nothing beats the simplicity of the afro whose freshly reimagined, petite shape looks set to become one of next season’s biggest hits. Read More


Sex And The City Author Reveals Whether She's Team Big Or Team Aidan

The most divisive conversations around Carrie Bradshaw center around her romantic decisions, particularly the choice between Aidan and Mr. Big, sparking a longstanding #TeamAidan vs. #TeamBig debate. Candace Bushnell, who wrote the original 1996 book anthology the series was adapted from, finally weighs in on which leading man she stands behind. And her answer may surprise you. Read More

Your Guide To Befriending Someone On Instagram

While some people might consider them to be more surface-level, your Instagram acquaintances might actually be great contenders for joining your social circle IRL. “Online friendships quite often turn into real-life ones,” says Irene S. Levine, Ph.D., a psychologist, friendship expert, and creator of The Friendship Blog. “Social media offers us the opportunity to meet many more people than we might ordinarily meet offline.” Read More

11 Low-Impact Glute Exercises To Work That Booty

If you aren’t in the mood to run, jump, or climb, you can still work your booty with a round of low-impact glute exercises. Trainer Ashley Iwanicki says low-impact moves protect your joints and put less strain on your body, but still pack a punch. Read More


Here’s Your Daily Horoscope

Under tonight’s full moon, emotions will bubble to the surface. Read More

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