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EmRata’s floral thong bikini is pure ’80s vibes, what your New Year’s resolution says about you, and more.

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What Your New Year’s Resolution Says About You

Four thousand years ago, ancient Bablyonians celebrated the new year with a 12-day festival called Akitu, in which they made promises to the gods, agreed to pay their debts, and returned what they had borrowed from friends or neighbors. Entries in the diary of a 14th-century Italian merchant resolved to be a better Christian and not have sex on Fridays. At the end of each year, knights in the Middle Ages made vows while placing their hands on a peacock called, fittingly, the Peacock Vow. New Year’s resolutions feel deeply personal, but the long history of self-improvement suggests that it has more to do with our culture’s values. Read More

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Emily Ratajkowski’s Floral Thong Bikini Was Pure ’80s Vibes

Endless Summer Vacation is more than just the title of Miley Cyrus’ forthcoming album; it’s the entire vibe for 2023 — just ask EmRata, who rang in the new year with a tropical vacation. If you’re looking to book your own getaway, you’re going to want to take some ’fit inspo from the queen of the cheeky bikini. Read More

Should You Sleep With Someone To Get Over Your Ex?

Most people can empathize with wanting to get their minds off of an ex they miss, sure, but can sleeping with someone else really help you move on? While it might be the right path forward for some, there are certainly potential drawbacks to doing so. We spoke to some sex therapists to get more clarity on this eternal question. Read More


Dua Lip’s Nail Designs Are A Masterclass In Maximalism

Dua Lipa isn’t a fan of minimalist manicures. (I’ve never actually talked to her about it, but I bet she would agree.) To prove my point, I scrolled deep into her Instagram, scouring countless photo dumps to find the best Lipa manicures... of which there are many. Read More

12 Cute Winter Date Ideas, Straight From Relationship Experts

It’s easy to skimp on the usual date night activities in order to escape the cold. Sure, hibernating with your S.O. is nice and all, but scrolling through TikTok as you Netflix and chill can put a damper on the romance after one too many nights in. Read More

Paris Hilton Addressed *That* Britney Spears Picture Conspiracy Theory

In the ultimate nostalgic move, Paris Hilton surprised her followers by sharing a snap with close pal Britney Spears on Instagram. But the excitement of seeing Hilton and Spears together again didn’t stop some from theorizing that the pop star had been photoshopped into the image. Read More


Here’s Your Daily Horoscope

Don’t isolate yourself. Read More

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