Dua Lipa’s Nail Designs Are A Masterclass In Maximalism

Behold, the funkiest manis in Hollywood.

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Dua Lipa isn’t a fan of minimalist manicures. (I’ve never actually talked to her about it, but I bet she would agree.) Trust me: As someone who always opts for intricate nail art and bright colors — never neutrals — I can spot another maximalist from a mile away. To prove my point, I scrolled deep into her Instagram, scouring countless photo dumps to find the best Lipa manicures... of which there are many.

After sifting through everything that Lipa has posted to Instagram since her very first photo on July 11, 2019 (I’m dedicated, OK?), I’ve become an authority on her nails. As such, I can confidently say the pop star has rarely rocked a simple mani — if ever.

Though she once donned a classic French manicure, for the most part, the pop star prefers to put her own modern twist on the throwback look (she’s worn multicolored pastel tips and various chrome iterations). That’s about as simple as it gets, as Lipa has a clear penchant for 3D nail art, chrome nail colors, and all things rainbow.

Whether you’re also a bold manicure-lover or are simply in the mood for a visual feast, keep scrolling. Right ahead, proof of Lipa’s dedication to cool nail art.


Gold Chrome

This is the first of many chrome manis that will appear on this list. Here, Lipa sports shiny gold tips that deserve their own trophy.


Purple Chrome

Told ya so! She’s also worn purple chrome nails on multiple occasions.


Chrome Stars

Lipa served serious Barbiecore inspo with her pink star-print nail art and Patrick Star nipple covers.


Checkerboard Print

You know Lipa isn’t going to just wear the trendy checkerboard print design on her nails — she’s upping the ante with a multicolored chrome take on the look.


Neon Chain Link

Neon green chains adorn Lipa’s simple black manicure, transforming it into a truly head-turning set.


Green Chrome

Another chrome moment: Lipa’s dazzling, alligator-green nails pop with her equally bright bikini.


3D Tie Dye

Behold, the most maximalist take on the Skittles nails trend. Not only is Lipa wearing a different color on each nail, but each one features a tie-dye design with 3D raindrop effects. I’m reeling.



This silver chrome set — complete with metallic 3D blobs — is a vision to behold.


3D Gold

On another occasion, Lipa sported a blob-adorned metallic claw in gold.


Animal Print

These mismatched, snakeskin-print French tips are simply sizzling.


Orange French Tips

Lipa’s square-shaped French tips, painted in a bright orange instead of white, are giving off serious early 2000s vibes.


Pastel Tie Dye

This tie-dye mani is what pastel nail art dreams are made of.


Pop Art

It’s hard to see all of the details, but it’s clear these graphic nails have pop-art vibes.


Lava Lamp

Covered in silver chrome swirls, Lipa’s bright ombré nails look just like the lava lamp I had in 1999.


Flower Tips

Paired with her ’60s-style glam, Lipa’s flower print French tips look perfectly retro-chic.


Smiley Faces

The bright yellow smiley faces on her fingertips literally make me smile.



In a total ’90s moment, the singer sported French tips covered in colorful butterflies.


Mismatched Art

Look closely and you’ll see that each of Lipa’s nails is painted with an entirely different design. There’s a pink and green tie-dye, a starburst-like silver look, and what appears to be a heart print. It’s a master class in maximalist nail art.


Neon Flames

The singer’s neon-colored flame nail art is pure fire.

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