Bustle Newsletter: August 31, 2022

On how to get into 'The Real Housewives,' the best product from Hailey Bieber's Rhode, and more.

by Stephanie Talmadge
NEW YORK NY - JUNE 15: Hailey Bieber is seen leaving NBC Studios after her appearance on "The Tonigh...
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The Ultimate Beginner's Guide To The Real Housewives

“What was the location of the first Real Housewives show?” was an actual question at trivia last week that my team got wrong, which was devastating because it was at least within our wheelhouse, as opposed to “Which chemical element has the longest name at 13 letters?” (It’s rutherfordium, BTW. Who knew!) Anyway! I mistakenly thought Miss Bethenny was our OG Housewives celeb, so maybe it’s finally time to go back to the beginning and get educated. Or at the very least, catch up on Salt Lake City before Season 3 because supposedly it’s gonna get into Jen Shah’s legal drama. If you’re also Real Housewives curious, this guide tells you where to start and what to skip, making the whole undertaking a little less daunting. Read More

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5 Zodiac Signs That’ll Have The Luckiest September

As previously discussed, we’re all going to be combating some big retrograde energy next month, and the astrological picture on the whole is looking a bit rocky. But these five signs might have an easier go of it, finding opportunities to be creative (break out the watercolors, Sagittarius) and re-establish closeness in their relationships. Read More

The Best Beauty Launches To Shop From August

While there’s room for debate about the efficacy of pore strips — those adhesive strips that promise to yank out all the gunk in your blackheads — Bustle’s senior beauty editor Erin Stovall said this new at-home facial device did *exactly* that. Other things we’re loving: a new skin tint that gives an airbrush effect, an eyeshadow stick that just so happens to come in Kendall Jenner blue, and more. Read More

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I Tried Every Product From Hailey Bieber’s Line Rhode — This One Was The Best

We can all agree that, skin care wise, Hailey is clearly doing something very right. Her whole brand is based on looking like a perfectly smooth and dewy glazed doughnut. Now, is that “something right” simply being very rich and having access to literally everything that could benefit one’s skin? Probably. But, we tried all her products just in case. Read More

Meena Harris On Beauty Ideals, Building Community, & Betting On Herself

Harris comes from a long line of influential people who have championed underrepresented communities — including but not limited to her aunt, Vice President Kamala Harris. Growing up, she tells Bustle, “my family taught me … to define beauty as something that’s about sharing with others, through things that are beautiful to you [and] that bring you joy, [like] through cooking or the arts.” Here, she chats with us about her relationship to her Indian and Jamaican heritage, building community, and her go-to beauty brands. Read More

Stacey Abrams’ New Book Mixes Romance With High-Stakes Suspense

In this exclusive excerpt from the romantic suspense novel Rules of Engagement by gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams (writing as Selena Montgomery), two undercover agents are forced to confront their feelings for one another. Which, yes please. Read More


Here’s Your Daily HoroscopeThings are getting intense. Read More

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