Bustle Newsletter: February 10, 2022

On society's relationship to "natural" beauty, the early aughts hair trend Meg Thee Stallion is bringing back, and more.

by Stephanie Talmadge
Megan Thee Stallion
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(Un)Natural Beauty

Achieving that no-makeup makeup look has long been a staple of women’s magazine content — of course, everyone wants to look “effortlessly” attractive. But the paradox of looking “naturally” beautiful in its very narrow definition — wrinkle-free skin, smooth hair, flushed cheeks, and lips akin to a Glossier model — is that it’s just another beauty standard women are held to, and one that’s far from inclusive (there’s a reason the CROWN Act exists). Bustle’s (Un)Natural Beauty package explores the concept of looking effortlessly beautiful in 2022 and the time, effort, and money it actually involves (shoutout to Cassie Howard’s 4 a.m. morning routine). You’ll find beauty secrets from attractive people around the world, fascinating facts about Botox (it was discovered from poisoned meat!), a deep dive into society’s new obsession with the “warped hourglass” body type, and an expert-backed guide to what a BBL *really* entails. Read More

The Latest

North West Just Became Vogue's Youngest-Ever Stylist

Unsurprisingly perhaps, North appears to be one talented kiddo. While there may be some debate behind the authenticity of her paintings, the 8-year-old is purportedly responsible for styling herself and her siblings for Kim K’s recent Vogue cover story. Read More

Megan Thee Stallion Revived Your Favorite Early '00s Sparkly Hair Trend

Leave it to Hot Girl Meg to drop some midweek beauty inspo — her latest Insta features her long locks decorated with shiny, sparkly tinsel. The look is pretty easy to DIY at home, too, whether you want to opt for Meg’s take and leave them loose, or weave them into pretty braids. Read More

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How A Brazilian Butt Lift *Really* Affects Your Body, According To 3 Experts

Although butt augmentation procedures have been available for decades, the BBL was relatively uncommon until recently. In 2020, there were over 21,000 completed. What’s behind the recent popularity surge? Facetune, basically. Here’s what the procedure actually entails, what it costs, and how women who’ve had a BBL feel about it afterwards. Read More

The Moisturizer Chloe Fineman Says Really Changed Her Skin

Since becoming a cast member on SNL (and an impersonation machine), Fineman’s dialed back her makeup routine and dialed up the skin care. “As a chronically dehydrated person,” the comedian tells Bustle, “the Augustinus Bader Rich Cream truly did change my skin. I also just bought a Tracie Martyn toner that feels just like fresh water. I don’t get what it does, but it feels good. I don’t drink enough water, so I guess I’ll pat it on my face.” Read More


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