Bustle Newsletter: February 11, 2022

On the TikTok way to find your perfect neutral lip color, how Pluto’s return will shake up your work life, and more.

by Stephanie Talmadge
Huda Kattan
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I Grew Up Thinking Sex Was Shameful. How Do I Explain That To My New European Partner?

“I wish that we could just send out a little pamphlet to potential partners that covered the broad stuff,” writes Bustle’s sex columnist Sophia Benoit. “You know: I don’t get much out of nipple play, I love having my neck kissed, here’s some light trauma I went through that might be relevant.” The thing about purity culture, though, is that it affects everyone in wildly different ways. How (and whether) you choose to communicate that to your partner depends entirely on how growing up with those beliefs still affects you today. And besides, “not every European you meet is going to embody the American stereotype of people in a French film who are having a public threesome on a balcony wearing only berets while sharing a cigarette,” says Benoit. “People are people everywhere. Everyone has hangups.” Read More

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How Everyone On TikTok Is Finding The Perfect Neutral Lip Color

According to TikTok, this is a foolproof formula, and it’s relatively easy to do. Even makeup artist and founder of Huda Beauty Huda Kattan got in on it. Read More

Why Your Work Life Might Feel Shaken Up By Pluto’s Return

Pluto may be tiny, but what the dwarf planet lacks in size, it makes up for in authority. In astrology, Pluto symbolizes everything related to power and transformation, which is why astrologers are anxiously anticipating the United States’ first-ever Pluto Return later this month. This rare transit (it only happens every 248 years!) is sure to bring some workplace shakeups, so here’s how it’ll affect your sign, specifically. Read More

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The Fascinating Evolution Of Botox

In the 18th century, botulinum toxin was discovered as the cause behind deaths from poisoned meat. Nowadays, the injectable consistently ranks as the most-requested minimally-invasive procedure each year. And while everyone knows Botox for its magical line-smoothing abilities (and reputation for imparting freeze face), it’s actually used to treat myriad health conditions. Read More

The Fun Way Kaitlin Hawayek Gets Pumped Up Before Going On The Ice

The 25-year-old ice dancer and her partner Jean-Luc Baker know how to have fun even in moments of intense competition — just watch their rendition of Swan Lake. Before they take the ice in Beijing this weekend, Hawayek told Bustle about her go-to recovery routine, her favorite makeup products to use for competition, and how she keeps her skin hydrated in such a cold environment. Read More

The “Warped Hourglass” Is Here — But It’s Nobody’s Natural Body Shape

The “right body” today looks very different than it did in the early aughts, when the “rectangle” (aka skinny all over) reigned supreme in women’s mags. In the last 10 years, though, the “ideal” shape has evolved, to account for, essentially: big curvy butts. While hourglass mania is in full swing, experts agree achieving it doesn’t make sense for everyone, and it isn’t something you can do through simple squats or crunches. Read More


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