Bustle Newsletter: February 14, 2022

On Julia Fox and Kanye split, the rise of "tweakments," and more.

by Stephanie Talmadge
Kanye West and Julia Fox
Stephane Cardinale - Corbis/Corbis Entertainment/Getty Images

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The Global Guide To Looking “Naturally” Hot

When it comes to looking effortlessly hot, the techniques and standards can vary greatly from city to city. In São Paulo, sexy and sultry is the end goal, while Paris favors a no-makeup aesthetic (aka the ever-aspirational French Girl look.) Nairobi loves bold, playful colors; Singapore tends to keep things clean and minimalist; and NYC is all about subtle enhancements. One fact, though, is universal: “Effortless” beauty is usually anything but. Here, nine women dish on what “natural” beauty looks like in their home countries. Read More

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The Holiday That Shall Not Be Named

Even if you’re not going out for a fancy dinner with bae tonight, you can still revel in the love-y vibes by watching one of these steamy movies on Netflix or by putting the video Ben Affleck made for J. Lo on repeat — same effect! (Also, someone tell me why there is so much Matt Damon in that vid.) Read More

Julia Fox & Kanye West Split Up

Fox confirmed today that the pair decided to end their open relationship, saying, “I have love for him but I wasn’t in love with the man… what do you guys think I am 12 years old?!” Their official split comes after a weekend of erratic Instagram behavior by the rapper, who on Saturday night posted a series of Marvel movie posters photoshopped with the heads of Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift, Kim K, Pete Davidson, and Kid Cudi on one side, and himself, Drake, Travis Scott, Fox, and Future on the other. Read More

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Talk Crypto To Me

Almost out of nowhere, it suddenly seems like cryptocurrency is everywhere: Your little sister wants an NFT for her birthday. Your college roommate keeps posting about how altcoin-rich she is. A TikTok couple just got arrested for stealing $4.5 billion worth of Bitcoin. Every single Super Bowl commercial, it seemed like. From the outside looking in, though, the crypto world just seems… very bro-y. Enter Crypto Besties, a Gen Z, women-led collective working to demystify cryptocurrency and build the metaverse’s first makeup line. Read More

“Tweakments” Are The Non-Invasive Beauty Trend All Over TikTok

From lip injections to laser facials, non-invasive aesthetic procedures that deliver natural results are on the rise. No longer as hush-hush as they once were, Botox appointments and other “tweakments” are now just seen as a routine part of our self-care practice (even though that normalization comes with plenty of downsides). Here, derms break down the six most popular “tweakments,” their recovery time, and costs. Read More

Dollface Comedian Esther Povitsky On Euphoria & Buying Lady Gaga’s Eggs

Povitsky has very little regard for what’s deemed appropriate when she’s onstage, joking about everything from not bathing to a revealing bit about having a miscarriage. The positive response to Povitsky’s comedy, which often “makes light of our traumatic experiences,” fuels her, but that doesn’t mean she’s leaving the silliness on the cutting room floor. "Imagine if you could have Lady Gaga's baby,” she says, workshopping a new bit about buying celebrity’s eggs. And I mean, yeah, imagine! Read More


Here’s Your Valentine’s Day Horoscope

Love, actually, is all around. Read More

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