Bustle Newsletter: February 4, 2022

On boundaries within ENM relationships, J.Lo’s most iconic outfits, and more.

by Stephanie Talmadge
Jennifer Lopez
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My Wife Sends Hot Pics To Her Other Partners, But Won’t Share Them With Me

“Everyone in every relationship ought to communicate openly with their partner at every opportunity,” writes Bustle’s sex columnist Sophia Benoit. “The rub is, as humans, we frequently suck at it.” But in a relationship with more open doors, there will be even more instances that demand difficult conversations. Read More

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Good V-eye-bes Only

Traditionally, the evil eye represents a curse transmitted by someone who is envious of you, and wearing the symbol is supposed to ward off those bad spirits. And this season, you’ll be seeing the symbol all over your favorite nail art Instagrams. Read More

The West Family TikTok Drama Continues

Amid their divorce, and simultaneous out-of-left-field romantic dalliances, Kanye and Kim are fighting about something that most parents can probably relate to: their daughter’s access to social media. Kanye posted a screenshot of North West’s TikTok (which she shares with her mom), saying that Kim is putting her on the platform “against his will.” Kim in turn retaliated by saying, “Kanye’s constant attacks on me in interviews and on social media is actually more hurtful than any TikTok North might create.” Read More

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I Tried The Lipstick Shade That’s Going Viral On TikTok

Plum lipstick is having its main character moment, and now, it’s playing hard to get: TikTok’s beloved Almost Lipstick in Black Honey by Clinique has been consistently sold out so far in 2022. After some serious patience and persistence, Bustle beauty writer Danielle Sinay got her hands on the shade and is here to report that it’s worth the hype. Read More

The 40 Most Iconic J.Lo Looks Ever

Obviously, there’s The Dress. But throughout her career, Lopez has never been afraid to step out in something daring and fun. And while her insistence that her biggest beauty secret is just using olive oil (sure, Jen!) might raise some eyebrows, when it comes to style, every single red carpet appearance is a slam dunk. Read More


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