Bustle Newsletter: January 4, 2022

On the hottest haircut for 2022, and the 8 different kinds of Bachelor limo exits.

by Stephanie Talmadge
Rowan Blanchard
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Every Kind Of Bachelor Limo Arrival, Explained

The limo exit has been a staple of Night One on The Bachelor, dating all the way back to its premiere in 2002. But as the episodes have doubled in length, the limo exits have doubled in their complexity and grandeur, sometimes eschewing the vehicle altogether. Not only is it a contestant’s first opportunity to make a lasting impression among 30 or so other equally hot people, it’s also the last time they have complete control over their self-presentation before handing over the reins to the producers. Even though there have been over 600 limo exits, they can basically be classified into eight different types. From “The Aloha” to “The Blandy,” here are the ones that might actually get someone to the final two. Read More

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