The Best Morning Routine For You, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Now's the time to switch things up.

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Once our alarms go off and it's time to get out of bed, everyone's morning routine to start the day is going to look a little bit different. There are those who hit snooze a dozen times and then roll out the door in a rush, and then others who shoot out of bed at 6 a.m., bright-eyed and ready to take charge of the day. If you're trying to develop a healthy morning routine, it might be helpful to look to your zodiac sign for inspiration — as our astrological qualities can offer insight into what makes us feel energized, motivated, and positive.

Starting the day with a morning routine that's in line with your zodiac sign can help the rest of your day fall into place with more ease, according to astrologers. "Every zodiac sign has tendencies, habits, and preferences that create our character," astrologer Cindy Mckean tells Bustle. "When we're in flow, we are able to achieve our potential, be content, and be aligned with our purpose." For example, high-energy fire signs might thrive with a fast-paced morning routine that pumps them up, while emotional water signs might prefer to ease into their waking hours at a more gentle and quiet pace.

While some of us may already be hitting the mark when it comes to our morning habits, others may want to refresh their post-wake up rituals. If you're looking for cosmic A.M. inspiration, here are the best morning routines for each zodiac sign.

Aries (March 21 - April 19): Squeeze In A Morning Workout

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As a fiery Aries, you're naturally bold and full of energy, so kicking off the day by bumping your favorite music and breaking a sweat can help to put you in the zone — and get you ready to conquer whatever other goals you set for yourself that day. "Starting off the day with an exercise routine will keep you on top of your game and in the lead with what you'd like to achieve daily," Mckean says.

If you're an Aries who tends hits snooze a few times, try to squeeze in a cardio workout in the morning and see how you feel.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20): Prep The Night Before

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As a practical earth sign, you don't like to rush, Taurus — so starting your morning with a peaceful and slow pace puts you in a good headspace. Ensure you never have to kick off your day in a fast-paced frenzy by thoroughly prepping for your morning the night before. "Avoid rushing so you can enjoy your [morning] without feeling like you've lost time to minutiae," Mckean says. "When everything is ready for you, such as your coffee maker or your outfit for the day, you'll have more time to go at your own pace when getting ready in the morning."

When you start with as little stress as possible, that flow continues throughout the day.

Gemini (May 21 - June 20): Talk Through The Morning

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You're one of the most quick-thinking and adaptable of all the zodiac signs, Gemini, so you're usually not beholden to any strict routines. What is important to you, though, is staying connected and always being in the know. "Communication is important to Geminis, so checking your emails and sending out correspondences first thing in the morning will help keep you going," Mckean says.

Connecting with others as you start your day will give you energy and help to get your ideas flowing, so handle messages or chat with your roommate or partner over coffee as you get going.

Cancer (June 21 - July 22): Start With A Shower

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As the zodiac's cardinal water sign, you're deeply in touch with your element — so ditch the nighttime showers and prioritize the act of washing your sleep away in the mornings instead. "Having a quick bath or shower at the beginning of your day will help ease you into the day with a sense of refreshment and vitality," Mckean says.

Kicking off your day with a hot bath or shower will not only wake you up, but also help you to feel more and connected with yourself. Use this relaxing time to meditate and focus on your goals for the day.

Leo (July 23 - Aug. 22): Lead With Creativity

You're all about flashy self-expression, Leo, so kick off your day like the star that you are. "Tapping into your creative streak will set the tone for the rest of the day," Mckean says. "Pick out a clever outfit or post a vivid Instagram photo."

Just because it's a routine doesn't mean it has to be boring — use your refreshed morning brain to find fun ways to express the things you're passionate about, whether that means spending an hour on a bold makeup look or just belting out your favorite slow jam while you shower.

Virgo (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22): Keep It Simple

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Virgos are considered one of the most naturally organized and routine-oriented signs of the zodiac, so it's likely you already have a pretty solid morning ritual that works for you. But everyone needs a reset from time to time, so stop and check yourself to make sure you're still prioritizing all the self-care basics.

"You might not need to be told, [but] making your bed, taking a shower, and brushing your teeth first thing after you wake up will keep your mind clear and sharp," Mckean says. Keep your routine simple and self-care-centered so you can spend more time thinking about the more exciting parts of your day.

Libra (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22): Balance Your Body

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As the sign of the scales, you're all about maintaining balance in your life, Libra — and not just metaphorically. Start your day by strengthening your physical sense of balance by doing stretches, yoga, or tai chi. "Balance is key for Libra," Mckean says. "To help get your life force evenly distributed for the rest of the day, a stretching routine every morning will yield amazing results."

Starting your day with sun salutations after hitting the snooze button a couple times is the ideal way for you to take on the day with confidence and maintain that balance you hold so dear.

Scorpio (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21): Jump In With Intensity

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You're all about extremes, Scorpio — intensity is what helps you thrive and keeps you on your toes. So while some signs need serenity in the morning, it can actually be helpful for you to inject a little bit of excitement into your morning routine.

"Intensity is right up your alley first thing in the morning," Mckean says. "Whether it's a super hot or super cold shower, an intense jog, or a determined list of what you want to accomplish for the day, you'll find you thrive best when you start your day with an extreme force of energy directed in a positive way." Ride into the day on a bolt of lightning.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21): Leave Time For Spontaneity

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As a free spirit and natural-born adventurer, you probably don't love the idea of a repetitive, set-in-stone routine — so be intentional about mixing things up and sprinkling a little bit of excitement into your morning in small ways. "The best morning routine for Sagittarius is spontaneity," Mckean says. "Whether it's taking a different route to your destination on a whim or a morning meditation to expand your consciousness, you'll find you never have a dull day."

Start your day a little earlier than you need to so that you always have time to indulge a last-minute whim.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Make Lists & Schedule Things Out

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Capricorns are one of the most disciplined and hardworking signs of the zodiac bunch, so starting the day on a highly-organized note will help to keep you on track with your many goals. "By making a list of what you want to accomplish and scheduling your tasks, you'll find you get more done during the day," Mckean says. "It aligns with your practical nature and will allow you to achieve more with less."

Kick off each morning by listing off everything you hope to get done, organizing it by priority level, and consulting your schedule so you know what you have time for — you'll feel on top of your tasks as you embark on your day.

Aquarius (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18): Connect With Positivity

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As an Aquarius, you're naturally idealistic and community-oriented, so it's helpful to intentionally prioritize positivity as part of your morning routine. "As a social sign with countless friends, starting the day with a post on social media will get your day started on a happy note," Mckean says.

The more connected you feel to others, the more motivated you are to tackle the day.

Pisces (Feb. 19 - March 20): Slow But Steady

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Pisces stereotypically love to sleep — after all, you're ruled by planet Neptune, which governs over dreams. That said, it's important to prioritize peace and serenity as you start your morning. "Pisces needs to slowly ease into the daily grind," Mckean says. "[But] set a limit to how many times to hit the snooze button on your alarm."

Select a soothing sound to wake you in the morning instead of a typical blaring alarm, and give yourself time to slowly sip tea in bed as you wake yourself up.