Bustle Newsletter: July 12, 2022

On Chace Crawford's dating life, alternative ways of getting around now that gas is so expensive, and more.

by Stephanie Talmadge
PARIS, FRANCE - MAY 23:  Chace Crawford attends the "The Boys - Season 3" special screening at Le Gr...
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Chace Crawford Thinks Dating Is Hard

Even when he was just 22 and newly cast as Gossip Girl’s suave Nate Archibald, Crawford demonstrated an impressive level of clear-eyedness about his place in the industry. “I’m not ignorant to the fact that part of the reason why [Gossip Girl]’s popular and part of the reason [why] people want to see it is to be like, ‘Oh, novelty boy! Hot boy! Pretty boy!’” he told WWD back in 2009. But with his latest role on Amazon’s The Boys, he’s finally getting the chance to step outside his “pretty boy” lane and play someone… rather reprehensible. Here, he talks to Bustle about the difficulty of the LA dating pool (which… sure, Chace), getting approached to join a cult, and hating his summer job at Abercrombie & Fitch. Read More

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