Bustle Newsletter: March 16, 2022

On Dylan O’Brien’s not-so-guilty pleasure, the backlash to the Bachelor finale, and more

Dylan O'Brien
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There’s Something About Dylan O’Brien

It’s 2007 and Dylan O’Brien’s family has just moved from New Jersey to California, in the midst of his middle school tenure. He doesn’t have a ton of friends, so, like many lonely kids with Internet access, he starts uploading some videos to YouTube. Fourteen short comedy skits and sing-alongs to Spice Girls’ “Wannabe” later, he signed with an agent, leading him to land a role on MTV’s Teen Wolf in 2010. Overnight fame followed. Now, the actor’s working with Taylor Swift, starring in a couple of hotly anticipated movies, and going viral on Twitter every other week. But, some things don’t change — he’s still a religious devotee to American Idol. Read More

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Look, plenty of blame can be placed on Clayton for the way the finale played out — simultaneously breaking up with two women days after you begged them to stay is… not a great look. But it’s worth questioning whether the show even wanted to deliver the happy ending that is its ostensible goal. The problem lies, at least somewhat, with the sport, not the player. Read More

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