Bustle Newsletter: March 18, 2022

On what to do when you're attracted to a jerk, the best hair products of 2022, and more.

Anne Hathaway
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I Have A Huge Crush On A Jerk & I Can’t Get Past It

“There’s absolutely nothing wrong or evil about having a crush on a person who turns out to be a crapbasket,” writes Bustle’s sex columnist Sophia Benoit. “It happens to most of us at least once or twice in our sweet, lovely, horny lives.” But here’s the thing: You cannot and will not ever — ever — have a good relationship with someone who is not kind to people. It’s a bummer to let go of the exciting future you envisioned with this guy, but just remember — it never could have existed anyway. Read More

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This Will Be *The* Nail Polish Color Of 2022

If the brown mani trend is a little too neutral for your springy, warm-weather vibes, this neon pastel is the perfect shade to rock during the season’s transitional weather. Read More

Paris Hilton Is Releasing A Line Of Early-2000s Velour Tracksuits

Some things in this life simply go together: Peanut butter and jelly. Gin and tonic. Rhinestone-studded, velour tracksuits and Paris Hilton. They’re so intertwined, that even 20 years later, it’s still hard to think of one without the other. (Hilton actually told Vogue she still has a whole closet dedicated to them.) And this summer, she’s finally releasing her own line of her signature look. Read More

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The 18 Absolute Best Hair Products Of 2022

We tested *literally* hundreds of products on a wide array of hair types and textures (plus we called in help from the industry pros your favorite celebs have on speed dial), so you can trust that these products are the cream of the crop. You’re not the same person you were last year, so why shouldn’t your hair care lineup get a little glow-up, too? Read More

Anne Hathaway Thinks The Media Got One Thing Wrong About Rebekah Neumann

If you were on the internet at all in 2019, you likely read the many, many headlines about the collapse of WeWork, the shared workspace startup that was forced to cancel its IPO after accusations about a toxic work culture and questions about its profitability prompted investors to pull out. Now, three years later, it’s a show, because everything is, and Anne Hathaway chatted with Bustle about playing Rebekah Neumann — the wife and “spiritual thought partner” of WeWork’s co-founder — and why she’s more sympathetic than you might think. Read More

Knee-High Gladiator Sandals Are Back, Thanks To Zendaya

Now that the weather is inching toward sandal season, there’s no doubt you’re about to see these sultry, strappy shoes everywhere. You don’t have to totally splurge to get in on the look, either — here are a few of our fave pairs. Read More


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