Bustle Daily Newsletter: September 28, 2022

On Shania Twain’s new album, what Hailey Bieber said about the Jelena drama, and more.

by Stephanie Talmadge
Hailey Bieber
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Shania Twain Is Still The One

Since the “That Don’t Impress Me Much” singer recovered from open-throat surgery in 2019, Twain says her voice has been feeling “way stronger” even if she’s accepted that it’s undergone some changes. As she, now 57, prepares to release her first new album in five years, she’s enjoyed getting reacquainted with her instrument. “I’ve had to relearn my voice in a lot of ways.” Here, for the cover of Bustle’s entertainment issue, the country-pop legend talks about finding love, standing her ground (“I was never a pushover, ever in my life”), and owning her rightful place in the pop pantheon. Read More

The Latest

Hailey Bieber Cleared Up The Fuzzy Timeline Of Her And Justin’s Relationship

Remember when Justin and Hailey walked the Met Gala red carpet to the tunes of “fans” chanting “Selena”? Well, on today’s episode of Alex Cooper’s podcast Call Her Daddy, the Rhode skin care founder addressed what it’s been like to be in a relationship that so many people are publicly (weirdly?) still mad about, and to clarify any misconceptions about the timeline of her and Justin’s rekindled romance. “Now, being four years past that, looking back at it, I totally get it. I’m like ‘Yeah, that seemed really drastic and really crazy.’” Read More

TikTok's Butter Board Might Be The New Cheese Plate

Personally, I’m always interested in learning about new and innovative ways to eat an entire loaf of bread and one to two sticks of butter for dinner, so this hits. And no offense to TikTok’s other food trend du jour, the tinned fish date night, the butter board is way more versatile. (This take swaps cream cheese for the base instead, so cute for brunch.) Anchovies and mimosas don’t pair quiiiiite as well. Read More

Must Reads

Deuxmoi’s Definitive Guide To Celebrity Liquor Brands

If there’s one thing celebs love as much as launching a skin care line, it’s launching a liquor brand — Kate Hudson, Ryan Reynolds, Kendall Jenner, Bruno Mars, and LeBron James all have their own alcoholic imprints these days. (Half of them probably also have skin care lines, IDK.) But, as we learned from Deuxmoi’s iconic ranking of celebrity wines from last year, a pretty bottle and slick marketing does not a good beverage make. Here are the celeb liquors that go down easy… and the ones that more closely resemble bathtub gin (sorry, Kate). Read More

What Is A “Hot Girl Book” & Why Is Everyone Talking About Them?

These days, everything from having IBS to eating a pierogi qualifies as “hot girl sh*t,” but the OG hot girl activity? Reading. And the OG hot girl? Marilyn Monroe. There are several iconic (and hot) photos of her engrossed in a book — perhaps most famously, James Joyce’s Ulysses. OK, so we have this time-honored tradition of reading being sexy, but still, what is it that makes a book hot or not? Read More


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