Your Guide To February's Full Moon In Virgo

Don't sleep on the power of this lunation.

February 2021 Full Moon Dos & Don'ts
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Between a Mercury retrograde period and the grand stellium in Aquarius, it's been a hectic month in the stars — but the February 2021 full moon offers us a healing finale to the show. This powerful lunation will light up the skies on Saturday, Feb. 27, and it's serving up major cosmic clean-up vibes. Knowing the do's and don'ts of the February 2021 full moon is important, as all zodiac signs should seize this opportunity to do some spiritual cleansing.

The upcoming full moon takes place in mutable earth sign Virgo, which puts an emphasis on practical matters, like prioritizing our wellness and getting our daily routines more organized. Because this is the final full moon of both the winter season and the astrological year (both of which end with the spring equinox in March), its energy feels extra climactic. It's a good time to bring all the toxic gunk in our lives up to the surface so we can finally do a solid cleanse. Think of it as a cosmic pre-spring cleaning for your heart, home, and schedule.

You don't want to sleep on the power of this lunation. Peep your guide to the February 2021 full moon so you know exactly how to maximize on the lunar potential.

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DO: Check In On Your Goals

We're about two months into 2021, so this full moon is a good time to check in with ourselves about the progress we're making with our current goals. Are we sticking to healthier habits? Are we staying on top of our responsibilities? Have we taken any steps toward making our dreams a reality? If not, the moon will bring us the ultra-focused energy boost we need to get back on track.

DON'T: Hang Onto Bad Habits

Full moons are the best time in the lunar cycle for releasing energy out of our lives — so take advantage of the cleansing abilities of this lunation and use it to break bad habits. This lunation is an ideal time to purge the clutter out of lives, emotionally and otherwise. If you're trying to cut back on an unhealthy vice or coping mechanism, as well as cut loose a toxic relationship or behavior pattern, this is a powerful time to commit to changing your ways for the long term.

DO: Focus On Health & Wellness

Virgo is the sign that represents things like health, wellness, and purity — and it'll have us examining our lifestyles and daily routines from a more pragmatic, holistic standpoint. If we're experiencing burnout, neglecting ourselves in some way, or losing grip on our work-life balance, it'll be pretty obvious now. Take this lunation as an excuse to up the self-care and make some empowering, feel-good lifestyle changes.

DON'T: Ignore Your Emotional Baggage

Ring the cosmic alarms: You've reached an emotional bag check. Virgo energy is the most detail-oriented and observant of the zodiac, and aligning ourselves with this vibe will help us to see our issues with crystal clarity. But what will you do once you see them? Instead of trying to ignore your problems, be practical and face the issues from a logical, grounded perspective. Carrying around all that emotional baggage is slowing you down, and eventually it's going to hurt your back.

DO: Be Open To Changing Your Plans

As you know, this lunation serves as a reminder to check in with your current goals and get yourself on track. But thanks to an excitement-filled trine aspect between the full moon and Uranus (which is the planet of unexpected changes), there may be an element of surprise here. Sudden revelations or changes of heart are possible — but they're likely to be positive so be open. There's no need to try to control every single element of your plans. Leave wiggle room for some magical twists of fate.

DON'T: Be Critical Of Yourself

Virgo is the zodiac's perfectionist, so this energy is always looking for ways to improve things — but be careful of becoming your own worst critic. Full moons tend to "illuminate" matters, so this very-Virgoan lunation will highlight all the issues within our relationships, emotional lives, and daily routines that need fixing. It's good to take note of our flaws and be aware of things we can improve, but loosen up. Everyone has imperfections, so it's nothing to be ashamed of.