All The Major Astrological Events Happening This Month

The Aquarius stellium is a big one.

February 2021 is a busy month in the stars. There are a whopping five planets piled atop each other in the sign of Aquarius (six if you count the asteroid Pallas) — all of which are forming the rare and powerful Aquarius stellium of 2021. That said, you can bet that the astrology of February 2021 is bringing loads of innovative changes, out-of-the-box ideas, and revolutionary energy.

In order to give you a full astrological overview of February 2021, we have to rewind back to January — because the first Mercury retrograde period of the year kicked off just two days before February began. This pesky transit has a strong influence over us throughout the first three weeks of the month especially, so look out for all the usual Mercury retrograde snags (such as tech troubles, scheduling errors, and confusion in communication).

While Aquarius energy is reigning throughout 2021, February marks the peak of its planetary power — as the mid-month new moon will occur during the most dominant Aquarius stellium in nearly 60 years. Soon after, an influx of Pisces zodiac energy will inject us with a heavy dose of emotions, while one of the year's three earth-shattering Saturn/Uranus squares will shake up the structure in our lives. Thankfully, a grounding full moon in Virgo at the tail end of the month will help us cleanse away some of the intensity.

Ready for your February 2021 astrological overview? Read on.

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The Peak Of The Aquarius Stellium

Before February even began, there was a planetary party going on in the sign of Aquarius (which included the sun, Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn all clustered together in the sign). But this party turned into a full-blown rager on Feb. 1, when love and romance planet Venus entered Aquarius' airy territory with the rest of the cosmic crew. Prepare to take a more objective role in your relationships during this period — Venus in Aquarius energy prefers to think things through instead of acting on emotional impulse.

Collectively, this unique planetary pile-up is forming a stellium in Aquarius, and this month is the first time that we've seen this many planets together in Aquarius since 1962. This rare alignment brings a massive influx of Aquarius' innovative and forward-thinking energy to our lives — and it'll feel like a breath of fresh air. We may notice an unconventional flair in the way we think and express ourselves right now, and we're likely to place more value on collective issues and humanitarian efforts. This cosmic opportunity to shake up the "norms" in our lives is an exciting way to kick off the year.

The New Moon In Aquarius

The February 2021 new moon takes place on Feb. 11 in the sign of — you guessed it — Aquarius, and it could be considered the climax of the Aquarius stellium. Under this lunation, we all have chance to look ahead and set new moon intentions related to our hopes and wishes for the future. It's activating the rebel inside all of our hearts, so we'll be inspired to think outside the box and find unconventional ways to be more aligned with the communities we're part of.

While the new moon will peak on Feb. 11, it'll actually enter the sign of Aquarius on Feb. 9, so we'll feel the airy Aquarian energy for a couple days prior to the official lunar reset. Step into the Age of Aquarius, baby, and allow this fixed air sign's eccentric energy sweep you off your feet.

The First Of This Year's Saturn/Uranus Squares

On Feb. 17, we'll experience the first of three epic 2021 square-offs between rule-oriented Saturn and rebellious planet Uranus. This tense square aspect could cause some serious clashes when it comes to balancing old structures with new ways of thinking in society. During this period, we'll likely face some challenges on both personal and collective levels — part of us may want to cling to the past and uphold traditions, while another part of us will feel pushed to shake-up the status quo and look toward the future.

Throughout the year, these cosmic quarrels will challenge us to question our old belief systems and be more progressive — as we'll experience them again in June and December. While these rule-shifting transits may bring unexpected difficulties and internal conflict, they'll also help us to open our minds to innovative new possibilities that should ultimately be for the best.

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A Wave Of Emotional Pisces Energy

The stronghold of Aquarius energy that's dominated the month finally begins to break up throughout the latter half of February — and it starts with the sun's transit into Pisces, which takes place on Feb. 18. This planetary ingress marks the start of Pisces season 2021, which is a great time to embrace our sensitive emotions and artistic visions. Be ready to get more in touch with both your feelings and fantasies.

Exactly one week later, on Feb. 25, love planet Venus also follows the sun into Pisces' territory. Venus in Pisces brings a dreamy and romantic influence to our love lives — a far cry from the emotionally-detached energy of Venus in Aquarius that's reigned over the month until now. Channel this transit by writing a love poem for your crush or letting yourself get lost in a heart-eyed daydream. Think of this vibe as a Valentine's Day reprise (since Mercury retrograde on Valentine's Day is low-key spoiling the real thing).

An End To 2021's First Mercury Retrograde

Come Feb. 20, we'll all have officially survived the first Mercury retrograde of the year. Hooray! While Mercury will still be in its post-retrograde shadow period through March, the most intense portion of the retrograde cycle will be over — meaning we'll enjoy clearer communication, more manageable schedules, and hopefully less tech stress through the last portion of the month. It's a great time to start making moves on any brilliant ideas that struck you during the backspin, or to smooth over any retrograde-induced drama that cropped up in your friend group.

Mercury stationing direct also means that none of the major planets are currently retrograding, so let's capitalize on the forward-flowing cosmic energy and use it to make progress on our goals. Look toward the future, put energy toward new projects, and enjoy a retrograde-free path ahead through the rest of the month.

End-Of-Month Full Moon

We'll wrap up the month with a cleansing full moon on Saturday, Feb. 27, which is bringing some much-needed grounding energy to our lives. The February 2021 full moon takes place in pragmatic earth sign Virgo — offering us a sense of practicality and detail-oriented focus that can help us actualize our dreams. It's a great time to ditch bad habits, get back on track with your long-forgotten 2021 wellness goals, and let go of any toxic feelings or relationships that might be holding you back.