Your Guide To February's New Moon In Aquarius

This lunation will be super powerful.

February 2021 New Moon Do's & Don'ts
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Are you feeling the forward-thinking breeze of Aquarius season 2021 yet? If not, you surely will once the February 2021 new moon rolls around on Feb. 11. That's because this powerful lunation is part of a rare stellium in Aquarius — during which the sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and asteroid Pallas will all be clustered together in the sign. That's a lot of Aquarius energy to work with! If you want to use this potent cosmic moment to your advantage, do yourself a favor and check out the do's and don'ts of the February 2021 new moon.

New moons in astrology are generally a good time to start new projects and set personal intentions. And because this lunation takes place in fixed air sign Aquarius (alongside so many other important planets), it charges up our goals with an innovative and unconventional flair. This is a great time to get inventive and break out of your usual box when it comes to new ideas.

The planets are painting an auspicious picture for us under the darkness of this new moon, so you'll want to make the most of it. Here's your guide to the February 2021 new moon in Aquarius.

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DO: Focus On The Future

The Age of Aquarius has arrived, baby, and this new moon is supercharged with the futuristic energy of a new beginning — so use this vibe to help you visualize your ideal future. Get focused on what you want to accomplish throughout the next chapter of your life. It's a great time to get creative and make a vision board or a manifestation list to help make your five-year plan tangible.

DON'T: Worry About What's "Normal"

Thanks to the stellium of planets in rebellious Aquarius during this new moon, we'll all feel compelled to challenge the status quo. Instead of worrying about what's "normal" and comparing your journey to others', try to follow what feels right in your heart — even if it takes you in an unexpected direction.

DO: Try Doing Things In An Unconventional Way

Aquarius is the most innovative sign of the zodiac, so now's a great time to approach your new moon goals in an unconventional way. Consciously think about how you'd usually going about doing things, and then intentionally try a different route. For instance, if you usually map out every single step of a project before starting it, try jumping right in instead and allowing yourself more creative freedom to change things as you go along.

DON'T: Shy Away From Your Uniqueness

This new moon in Aquarius is helping us get comfortable with the unique parts of ourselves that set us apart from the crowd. The things that make you different and the individual challenges you face are actually gifts, so don't be afraid to stand out. Your authenticity will actually help inspire others to be more themselves, too.

DO: Look At Your Goals From A New Perspective

This airy new moon gives us a beautiful opportunity to step back from our current trajectory and allow ourselves to take a more objective point of view. It's easy to miss the big picture when you're caught up in the grind (and the emotions!) of your goal-crushing endeavors, so switch up your perspective and see what you may have missed. This will be especially helpful given the fact that Mercury retrograde winter 2021 is in full swing during this new moon.

DON'T: Forget To Set Intentions Around Love & Money

The Aquarius energy of this new moon is helpful for supporting any endeavors, but there's some especially lucky vibes being sent our way when it comes to love and money. That's because romantic planet Venus will be cozying up to lucky planet Jupiter at the time of this lunation. If you're looking to start a new romantic endeavor or make a big financial move, this could be an auspicious time to take the plunge.