Aquarius Energy Is Dominating 2021 — Here's What To Expect

This fixed air sign challenges us to think outside the box.

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Aquarius Energy Is Dominating 2021
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We emerged into this new year with the Great Conjunction of 2020 under our belts, which refers to the rare alignment of Saturn and Jupiter in the zodiac that occurred on Dec. 21, 2020. This event was believed by many astrologers to herald in the Age of Aquarius — and when you consider the astrology of 2021, that projection definitely hits. Aquarius energy is dominating 2021, and everyone is likely to feel its cosmic influence throughout the year.

Aquarius is the zodiac's fixed air sign, and it's represented by the symbol of the water bearer. This forward-thinking sign rules over things like friendship, collaboration, futuristic visions, innovation, and technological advancements. Its eccentric energy is also deeply humanitarian and cause-oriented, and isn't afraid to rebel against the status quo and disrupt tradition for the sake of a better future.

That said, let's start with the significance of having cosmic giants Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius through 2021. These important social planets entered the sign of the water bearer in December 2020. Their alignment in Aquarius (which formed the Great Conjunction) was the first to take place in this zodiac sign since 1605 — signifying a powerful new beginning with a focus on the Aquarian themes of collectivism and innovation.


Uranus (which is Aquarius' ruling planet) is the revolutionary planet of change, inspiration, and rebellion — and this year, it's making a series of standout planetary squares that'll shake up the structure of society and reshape our idea of "normal." These squares will challenge us to be more progressive and question old belief systems. We'll be asked to open our minds and change our ways to make room for exciting new possibilities.

Additionally, the north node (which represents fate and the future) spends 2021 in air sign Gemini, which forms a harmonious trine aspect to the sign of Aquarius and helps steer us toward a more intellectual way of navigating the world. We'll get an added dose of air sign energy via the three 2021 Mercury retrograde periods, which ask us to review and revise the air-ruled aspects of our lives — such as communication, collaboration, and logical thinking.

We'll feel the breezy air of Aquarius perhaps most heavily in February 2021, during which a whopping seven celestial bodies will cluster together in this sign during the new moon on Feb. 11. This alignment forms the big 2021 Aquarius stellium and sets the tone for the year to come.

Here are some tips on what to expect from the influx of 2021 Aquarius energy and how to navigate the vibe.

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Expect The Unexpected

Aquarius' ruling planet Uranus is stealing the spotlight when it comes to dramatic astrological aspects in 2021. As the planet of sudden change and unexpected events, we should prepare for unimaginable shifts and breakthroughs — personally and collectively. We're changing the way we behave and creating a whole new set of rules of ourselves. Don't be surprised if you enter 2022 as a new, unforeseeable version of yourself.

Learn To Challenge The Status Quo

With Jupiter (planet of growth and knowledge) and Saturn (planet of rules and structure) spending 2021 in Aquarius, expect for this sign's unconventional rebellious streak to show up in your life in an exciting way. We're learning to challenge the status quo and be more willing to break traditions — especially if it means making space for something better and more innovative. Aquarius energy refuses to cling to the past, and we'll likely follow suit.

Collectivism Is On The Rise

We're learning to understand the power and strength that lies in working together as a global and local community in 2021. Aquarius energy asks us to step back, detach from our emotions, and look at the collective from an objective standpoint — which helps us to see things more clearly. There may be an uptick in grassroots activism and mutual aid efforts, as we're being encouraged to embrace our humanitarian side and work as a united part of a team.

Technology Is Advancing For The Better

Aquarius rules futuristic technologies and the future in general. With lucky planet Jupiter in its innovative and forward-thinking realm (and its ruling planet Uranus forming electrifying aspects with almost every major planet this year), expect lots of technological advancements that serve humanity for the better. This year's astrology points to exciting inventions that will make life better for the collective, so stay in tune with tech news — as it could be game-changing.

Prioritize Friendship & Community

While focusing on collective wellness is great, sometimes we forget how important it is to feel the camaraderie and support that exists within more intimate communities — like our groups of friends. This year, Aquarius' friendship-focused energy will inspire us to foster our platonic relationships and build deeper connections with people in our network. Working closely with others and embracing teamwork will help us feel stronger as individuals, too.

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