Deliveroo Is Selling Lotus Biscoff Cinnabons Now

Cinnamon and caramel, the ultimate duo.

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Deliveroo Is Selling Lotus Biscoff Cinnabons Now

For everyone who believes you can’t have the best of both worlds, we have an update: you can. And it tastes mighty delicious. The newly-announced collaboration between Lotus Biscoff and Cinnabon brings the best of caramel together with the best of cinnamon, and we’re here for it. Lotus Biscoff has partnered with Cinnabon, to make caramel flavoured, gooey cinnamon rolls.

The decadent collaboration includes three offerings: the classic Lotus Biscoff Bon, the Lotus Biscoff MiniBon, and Lotus Biscoff BonBites. Each cinnamon roll — plush with cream cheese — is topped with Biscoff frosting, crumbs, and a biscuit to transform the warm dessert into a crunchy autumn treat. The three sizes are perfect for different moods, whip one out for breakfast in bed or scoop a quick bite on the go.

This is only one among Biscoff’s many iterations. The brand recently introduced a chocolate-biscuit hybrid with a Belgian milk chocolate shell that tastes just as good as it sounds. Elsewhere, Sainsbury’s has a creamy Biscoff cheesecake, whilst Five Guys blends an incredible milkshake with the buttery caramel. Glossier even has a Cookie Butter balm that smells like the popular speculoos biscuits and leaves a soft caramel tint on your lips.

Over the years, bakers have created countless recipes with Lotus Biscoff that were bizarre yet delectable (read: Biscoff lasagne). But the brand’s collaboration with Cinnabon sounds like a match made in heaven. Can any two flavours smell better than cinnamon and caramel? We think not.

The Biscoff Bons are exclusively available in the UK across 28 Cinnabon stores and can be ordered just as easily using Deliveroo or Uber Eats. While the regular size starts at £3.59 a pop, a pack of four Bon Bites is available at £3.39. The next time you’re having your morning coffee, add some warm saccharine goodies to start the day on the right (sweet) note.

The Lotus Biscoff and Cinnabon collaboration was released in the UK on September 9.

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