Starbucks' Santa Claus Frappuccino Is Festive As Heck

Start by ordering a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino.

by Mia Mercado

‘Tis the season to turn all things festive. Your house? It’s got twinkly lights all up on it. Your dog? Begrudgingly donning a holiday sweater. Your Starbucks order? Well, if you’ve yet to caffeinate in the Christmas spirit, allow me to introduce you to the Santa Claus Frappuccino. Is it a monstrosity? Is it a masterpiece? A little of both?

You can thank/blame pop culture and food blog Totally The Bomb for this holiday drink creation. It’s a combination of strawberry and vanilla, which Totally The Bomb says tastes like a strawberry shortcake. While perhaps not the most traditional of holiday flavors, the final Frappuccino ends up looking like Santa in a cup. (Again, whether that’s appealing or appalling is up to you.)

If you want to baffle your barista, here’s how to order your Santa Claus Frappuccino:

  • Start by ordering a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino
  • Next, ask for a layer of strawberry puree on the bottom and in the middle of the cup
  • Finally, ask for it to be topped with whip and Christmas Sprinkles
  • Say thank you, tip generously and enjoy

The Santa Claus Frappuccino is the secret menu item your Starbucks 2020 holiday menu seeks. While not technically on the menu — the secret menu is more of a guide to creative concoctions than a list of actual products — this seasonal Frappuccino will help sip away the bah humbug of 2020.

There is, of course, a Starbucks secret menu drink for any and all occasions. Are you firmly in the camp that believes Nightmare Before Christmas is best watched in December? There’s a Jack Skellington Frappuccino calling your name. Looking for a twist on your regular Peppermint Mocha? Try the Thin Mint Frappuccino. Not a fan of coffee? Then, you need significantly more Chai-ders in your life. Feeling bad about making eye contact with the cashier while you order a bunch of extra pumps of peppermint? Order on the Starbucks app. While not a secret menu item, it’ll let you place your buckwild drink orders a little more discreetly.

You can also upgrade your favorite Starbucks holiday drinks with a few simple hacks like adding in Cinnamon Dolce syrup for an extra-festive flavor or making a DIY Gingerbread latte if you miss the OG. Even though it’s been off the menu for a few years, Starbucks diehards have found a way to frankenstein a Gingerbread Latte dupe.

While you’re there, don’t forget to pick up a few Starbucks gifts for the coffee lover in your life. (Note: that coffee lover can absolutely be you.)