3 Signs Least Affected By The January New Moon

And that’s on new beginnings.

These zodiac signs will find the January 2022 new moon to be a breeze.
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Fresh vibes and reinvention are underway as the first new moon of the year signals colossal change when it comes to finances, work, and self-control. And there’s no better time to set your sights on ambitious goals for the new year, because the January 2022 new moon, which graces the cosmos on Jan. 2, is set to make major moves in the diligent and hard-working sign of Capricorn. For the zodiac signs least affected by the January 2022 new moon, this lunation should be a boost of motivation to boss up and conquer our biggest objectives.

According to astrology, new moons represent a clean slate and a chance to reset the clock on life — making this lunar phase, occurring just after the New Year, the perfect time to set intentions and devise a game plan. And since this lunation occurs in the ever-so-steady sign of Capricorn, you can expect to feel especially motivated to put your financial goals and professional life at the forefront of your mind. This cardinal earth sign values being objective and practical in our decision-making — to be expected when your ruling planet is stern Saturn — so this lunation is all about taking action on our projects and focusing on our critical responsibilities.

Will you feel inspired by the ambitious energy of the new moon? Read on to see if you’re one of the zodiac signs least affected by the January 2022 new moon and find out how to use this powerful energy to your advantage.

Aries Zodiac Signs (March 21 - April 19)

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You may be a gutsy fire sign, Aries, but this new moon in Capricorn is giving you all the grounding vibes you need in order to flourish in the public eye. Expect the hustle between work and your creative projects to be seen and celebrated by others — but don’t forget to take important breaks in between! “Your tenth house of career and public image will be impacted on this lunation, so expect major new beginnings regarding your sense of purpose. Your big picture life direction will become clearer!” astrologer MaKayla McRae, also known as The Starry Eyed Mystic, tells Bustle.

Cancer Zodiac Signs (June 21 - July 22)

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Ready for some serious networking, Cancer? You can expect a buzzing social life during this new moon as you make a stern effort to expand the contacts in your Rolodex. Consider nourishing your professional relationships during this time. “Cancer, this new moon will bring big shifts in your life. That’s because your seventh house of relationships will be impacted. Some Cancers will be attracting new relationships or deepening their relationships to the next level,” says McRae.

Libra Zodiac Signs (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22)

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This lunation is taking you back to your roots, but rather than get all teary-eyed-sentimental, Capricorn’s influence is offering you a chance to feel more at home by revamping your sanctuary. “Your fourth house of family and home will be hit by this new moon, Libra. Expect new changes within your personal life. Renovating your home, moving, or feeling closer to your family are some notable possibilities!” explains McRae.