Here's Why 2/2 Will Be The Luckiest Day Of The Month

We're kicking things off on a high note!

Why February 2, 2021 Will Be The Luckiest Day Of The Month, According To Numerology
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February is a busy month in the stars, as it delivers a Mercury retrograde period, a stellium in Aquarius, and a whole bunch of other astro dramas, too. But we're kicking things off on a high note, because according to both astrology and numerology, February 2, 2021 is set to be one of the luckiest days of the month.

The number two in numerology is all about duality and balance — it radiates the energy of cooperation, diplomacy, and partnerships. And on Feb. 2, we'll experience a double dose of this energy (two twos!) that aligns in perfect harmony with the day's astrological happenings, as well as the spiritual significance of the date.

Here's the scoop on why Feb. 2, 2021 will be a lucky day, according to both numerology and astrology — and how you can channel its peaceful, collaborative energy in your own life.

The Numerology Of 2/2

In numerology, the number two represents duality, harmony, and working together. This number is a gently unifying force among people and ideas, bringing a sense of balance to all matters while acknowledging the differences that exist within them — much like the Taoist concept of yin and yang. At the core of this number is the concept of togetherness and peaceful coexistence. There's a deep synergistic sensitivity to the number two that inspires us to see ourselves not just as lone individuals, but as an important part of a greater whole.

Because the numerological magic of this date actually doubles the frequency of the number two, we'll have even more of its powerful, relationship-oriented energy to align with. Together, we can accomplish big and beautiful things — and the numerological energy of 2/2 reminds us of that.

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The Astrology Of 2/2

It's a relatively quiet day on the astrological front — which feels lucky in itself, given the current astrological forecast! The moon is serendipitously in the balanced and partnerships-oriented sign of Libra, which is represented by the symbol of the scales. This harmonious and relationship-focused lunar energy perfectly aligns with the numerological symbolism of the number 2, which will further drive us to focus on peace and balance within our partnerships.

The Libra moon forms two lucky trine aspects that day. The first is an early-morning connection with the sun, which kicks off the day with a gentle burst of creative inspiration and confidence. And the second falls late in the evening, during which the moon harmonizes with clever Mercury and gives us a moment of clarity amidst the current Mercury retrograde madness. This makes it a beautiful time to collaborate with the people close to us and think about the ways we can support each other.

How To Take Advantage Of 2/2 Energy

In addition to the numerological qualities and astrological alignments of Feb. 2, this date also happens to mark the pagan holiday Imbolc (aka Candlemas). It marks the halfway point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox — meaning we're exactly halfway to the sunnier and bloom-filled new beginning that springtime brings. It's considered a time of renewal, where we're asked to focus on the positivity that's blooming in the future rather than being consumed by the darkness of the past.

If you'd like to do a personal ritual, take advantage of the clear-thinking moon/Mercury trine in the evening and write out a gratitude list, plus a list of your springtime intentions. You can also harness this energy by doing a simple two-minute guided meditation for the winter season, which we're now officially halfway to the other side of.

Because of the number two's emphasis on togetherness (as well as the all-day influence of the partnerships-oriented Libra moon), Feb. 2 is also a great time to connect with your partner or best friend to discuss your shared goals and the power of your partnership. You can do this by performing a relationship-strengthening candle ritual or by simply doing something fun together as you talk about your shared future — like baking something sweet or going on a brisk walk to enjoy the mid-winter vibes.