4 Manifestation Rituals For The August Full Sturgeon Moon

Grab your friends and make some magic.

Here are four ways to properly manifest during the Aug. 1 full Sturgeon moon, according to an astrol...
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August 2023 is about to be very special — no, not because The Ultimatum Season 2 is finally making its way to Netflix, but because the month will be bookended by two powerfully energetic supermoons. The first lunar event takes place on Aug. 1 at 2:32 p.m. ET, but in order to keep the good vibes going all month long, you’ll want to check out these full moon manifestations to make the most of this supermoon summer.

Dubbed the full Sturgeon moon, the first lunation of August is expected to bring a strong sense of community and some idiosyncratic energy that’s sure to make the final days of summer feel like a whirlwind. That’s because la luna will be entering Aquarius, and if you know anything about the air sign, you know the water bearer can be quirky, outlandish, and unorthodox. Aquarians are also referred to as the humanitarians of the zodiac, as they always act with the good of others in mind. With these two energies at play, you can expect the full moon to feel even more freeing than usual. And because it will be a supermoon, la luna will be roughly 8% larger and 16% brighter, making this celestial event that much more exciting.

As you can probably tell, the full Sturgeon moon is going to be nothing short of electric. To preserve this energy until the next full supermoon on Aug. 30, astrologer Brilla Samay shares which full moon manifestation ideas are worth putting into practice this lunation.

Elemental Meditation

Elemental meditation is a practice used to connect us to water, fire, air, and Earth — the elements. In yoga, this tool is meant to encourage practitioners to detach themselves from their bodies, possessions, and struggles. To strengthen your bond with la luna, Samay recommends finding an outdoor space underneath the moon on Aug. 1 and engaging in your own elemental meditation session.

“Sit comfortably and take deep breaths, focusing on the air element surrounding you,” the expert advises. “Visualize the air representing authenticity, collective work, and freedom. Inhale deeply, feeling the energy of authenticity entering your body, and exhale any doubts or insecurities. Allow the energy of the air element to infuse you with confidence and a sense of liberation.”

Group Vision Boarding

Because the full moon will be ripe with team spirit, now is a great time to get your besties together and host a group vision boarding sesh. Along with magazines and other necessary supplies, Samay suggests each person provide “images and words that represent their authentic desires and aspirations for freedom and collective work.” When you’re done, don’t forget to display the finished project somewhere for all to see to “reinforce your collective goals throughout the lunar cycle,” per the expert.

Release Ritual With Wind

Full moons are all about completing cycles and letting go of things that no longer serve you, and there’s no better way to close your current chapter than by releasing your fears, hindrances, and limiting beliefs into the wind. To do so, Samay suggests writing these thoughts on a piece of paper on the night of the full moon.

“Hold each paper in your hand, and as you release it into the wind, visualize the air element carrying away these barriers, leaving you free to express your authentic self,” Samay instructs. “Repeat this process for each piece of paper, feeling a sense of liberation with each release.”

Circle Of Empowerment

It’s all about teamwork this lunation, so it should come as no surprise that your manifestations will hold even more weight if you do them in a group. For this reason, Samay recommends planning a circle of empowerment for all your closest friends on Aug. 1.

While holding hands, Samay instructs that you all “close your eyes and take deep breaths, feeling the energy of the air element around the circle, binding you together.” Then, go around the circle and have each person speak their intentions out loud to collectively reinforce the strength of your manifestations. It’s a bonding experience that’s sure to have lasting positive impacts.


Brilla Samay, astrologer, mentor, and spiritual advisor