These 2 Zodiac Signs Will Be Most Affected By The May Full Moon

Their manifestation possibilities are almost endless.

These 2 Zodiac Signs Will Be Most Affected By The May Full Moon
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The May 2024 full moon is rising in the skies on May 23, and as the last full moon of springtime, it’s here to reconnect you with your highest aspirations ahead of the summer. This lunation is bursting with abundance and a sense of adventure, as it’s blooming in the wild and free-spirited fire sign of Sagittarius, encouraging everyone to broaden their horizons and look for the rainbow beyond the storm clouds. This is a powerful time to chase your dreams regardless of what your birth chart looks like, but for a couple of lucky zodiac signs, it could be the biggest lunar manifesting moment of the year.

At the time of this lunation, the sun will have just entered Gemini, kicking off Gemini season 2024 — which is typically a time to embrace your social butterfly tendencies and connect with the present moment. However, with May’s full moon rising on the opposite side of the zodiac in worldly and philosophical Sagittarius, you’ll want to zoom out from all of your daily distractions to get a birds-eye view of your big-picture goals. This is a fabulous time to follow your excitement and trust that the universe will help to shake things into place.

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Also, there’s a special cosmic event happening on the same day as the full moon: the annual Jupiter-Venus conjunction. Lucky Jupiter and romantic Venus are known as the two “benefic planets” in traditional astrology, as they both tend to bring positivity and blessings to everything they touch. This particular union of the benefics is especially abundant, as it’s not only taking place at the very last degree of the lush earth sign Taurus, but a sweet connection from dreamy planet Neptune is also supporting it. This means that along with the adventurous and open-hearted magic of the full moon, you’ll also be working with the opulent and lavish energy of this sparkly planetary conjunction. Expect big opportunities in romance, money, and creativity, and allow your fantasies to run free.

All zodiac signs should look forward to this exciting lunation, but the two zodiac signs most affected by the May full moon have even more magic to work with.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

May’s full moon is rising in your deep and mysterious eighth house, bringing hidden desires to the surface and helping you embrace the parts of yourself you may have been afraid to show the world before. But what makes this lunation especially powerful for Taureans is that it’s forming an opposition to abundant planet Jupiter and love planet Venus, both of which are currently aligned at the very last degree of your zodiac sign, bringing a whole year of manifestation opportunities to a climax.

Jupiter will be wrapping up its year-long stint in your sign just two days after the full moon, and it won’t return here for more than a decade — so this is your chance to capitalize on all the goals, hopes, and wishes that have been building up in your life over the past year. What makes this manifestation moment even more potent is that lucky Jupiter is currently in a perfect conjunction with luxurious Venus, your ruling planet. This makes attracting romance, money, and new opportunities even easier. Take advantage of the magic.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)

May 23 brings the annual full moon in your sign, so naturally, you’re going to feel its effects more powerfully than the rest of the zodiac. This lunation is one of the best moments of the year to dive head-first into your goals and embrace new adventures, so be spontaneous and jump on whatever opportunities present themselves. The moon is being supported by transformational planet Pluto, granting you a razor-sharp focus when it comes to going after what you want.

Additionally, your ruling planet Jupiter is currently snuggled up to lush and romantic Venus in your chart’s productivity sector, bringing loads of luck to everything from working relationships to money matters. As a Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius, you’re feeling the blessings of this Jupiter-Venus conjunction in a big way, and you can use this burst of cosmic magic to attract new professional opportunities or make serious headway toward your personal goals. The universe is fast-tracking you toward success, so hop on board and take advantage of the full moon’s abundant energy.