Your Guide To Surviving The Dramatic Mercury Retrograde On Valentine's Day

Bypass any chaos with these cosmic cues.

Mercury Retrograde Valentine's Day 2021 Dos & Don'ts
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There's a little something called Mercury retrograde winter 2021 taking place on Valentine's Day this year. And it's here to throw a wrench in our romantic plans and the communication within our relationships. But does this mean we're doomed to a V-Day disaster? Not necessarily! The astrology of Valentine's Day may challenge us with a frustrating Mercurial backspin, but if we know what precautions to take, we can avoid any major love drama (hopefully). Get in the know on the do's and don'ts of Mercury retrograde on Valentine's Day 2021.

Here's the planetary deal: Come Valentine's Day, Mercury retrograde will be cuddling up close to love planet Venus, which could cause the retrograde's wonky mental energy to spill into our romantic lives. However, even closer in than Venus is Jupiter, the planet of good luck. Mercury and Jupiter form an exact conjunction aspect on Feb. 14, and this alignment could alleviate some of the Mercury retrograde love life stress thanks to Jupiter's lucky energy. However, its expansive influence also has the potential to exacerbate some of the communication issues that are running rampant through our inboxes and IRL conversations alike.

Additionally, lovely Venus forming a loose (but still powerful) square aspect with bold and sexy Mars. This cosmic squabble rouses up all sorts of tension between our romantic desires and our carnal instincts — but honestly, tension can be hot sometimes. So while yes, this dynamic could certainly result in love-related arguments and tension between romantic partners (especially since it's paired with Mercury retrograde's mix-ups), it could also result in steamy flirtations and flying sparks.

Ready to make the most of our cosmic weather come Feb. 14? Read on for your helpful guide to surviving Mercury retrograde on Valentine's Day 2021.

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DO: Choose Your Words Wisely

With Mercury retrograde aligning with romantic Venus in the days leading up to Valentine's Day, there's a high chance of miscommunications in the love department. Be extra careful about the things you text, and speak thoughtfully when conversing with your crush or partner. It'll be super easy to say something you don't mean or misinterpret something your crush or partner says.

DON'T: Make Your Plans Too Elaborate

Mercury retrograde tends to mess up our schedules and mix up the timing of our plans — so unless you want to navigate a maze of logistical issues, it's best to keep your Valentine's Day celebrations simple this year. By staying flexible and avoiding any over-complicated plans, you can bypass some of the confusion that comes along with having to travel, get places on time, or involve multiple people's schedules. Plus, who doesn't want a laid-back romantic evening to chill?

DO: Let Your Body Do The Talking

With romantic Venus and sexy Mars preparing to square off with each other come Valentine's Day, it might be a good time to lean into your sensual desires and carnal instincts in order to alleviate some tension. Instead of planning an over-the-top date night, connect more via sensual touch, close cuddles, or some steamy adventures in the bedroom. Letting your body do the talking will help you avoid some of the retrograde's confusion.

DON'T: Blow Up Over Little Mix-Ups

Mercury retrograde is forming an exact conjunction aspect to Jupiter on Valentine's Day, which blends the two planets' energies together and can potentially expand reach of the retrograde's effects. Because Jupiter has the power to exaggerate everything it touches, it's possible that small miscommunications could get blown up into something way bigger than necessary. That said, avoid blabbing too much about your feelings or any other sensitive topic.

DO: Use Caution While Texting (Or Sexting)

Mercury in astrology rules over technology, so its retrograde periods tend to bring glitches and tech issues galore. Because the Valentine's Day backspin takes place in Aquarius (which is the sign that rules over future technology and advancements), our digital life will be hit extra hard. Triple check to make sure you're texting your proclamations of love (or sexy V-Day photos) off to the right person, and re-read all your words before hitting send to avoid confusing typos that could mix up your message.

DON'T: Forget About Your Platonic Relationships

Valentine's Day is all about love, but that doesn't mean singles can't have some parter-free fun on the big day. Right now, Mercury is backspinning through Aquarius alongside the sun, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn — and Aquarius is the sign that rules friendships! With a stellium of planets shining in this community-oriented zodiac sign, there's a huge emphasis on the importance of our platonic relationships. Planning a low-key Galentine's gathering with your closest crew is a fun way to avoid the love drama and but still light up your heart with warm n' fuzzy feelings. And even if you are spending V-Day with your partner, send some love to your besties, too.