3 Things To Do During November's New Moon — & 3 Things To Avoid

This is your last chance in 2020 to set new moon intentions.

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The upcoming astrology in 2020 is full of intensity and surprises, but the November 2020 new moon serves as a relatively peaceful calm amidst the astrological storm. This new moon crests on the night of Saturday, November 14 (or early on November 15, if you're on eastern time), and will be taking place within the realm of water sign Scorpio — which gives the whole weekend a raw and emotional edge. This significant lunation will connect with several powerful planets, so being aware of everything you should and shouldn't do during the November 2020 new moon will be a helpful cosmic tool.

New moons are almost always a good time to embrace the energy of new beginnings, but this one feels especially charged. That's because the moon will form some positive planetary aspects with Jupiter and Pluto that'll strengthen our resolve, up our confidence, and help us face our fears. Additionally, Mars retrograde 2020 ends on November 13, which blesses us with a renewed sense of drive and determination when it comes to conquering our goals. And we're also emerging from the shadow of Mercury retrograde fall 2020 and expressing ourselves with more ease and clarity. The forward-moving energy of these planetary happenings offers us a physical and mental boost that alchemizes with the new moon to inspire a fresh start.

However, we mustn't forget that the energy of Scorpio in the zodiac deals with some of life's darker and more taboo themes: death, sex, shame, power, and transformation. With both the sun and moon aligned in this intense sign all weekend, we can expect to feel our emotions in a more raw and unfiltered way. But if we're willing to face the darker sides of ourselves and deal with our below-the-surface shame with courage, we can make the most of this opportunity to grow and transform our pain into power.

Ready to transform and take advantage of this lunar moment? Check out these basic do's and don'ts of the November 2020 new moon.

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DO: Set New Moon Intentions

New moons in astrology are wonderful opportunity periods to focus on the energy of new beginnings. However, when there's a lunar eclipse during a new moon (which there will be in December), the energy becomes too chaotic for spells and intention-setting rituals, and manifesting is ill-advised. That said, this lunation is the final solid chance that we'll have in 2020 to set new moon intentions — so plan a new moon ritual or simply make a list of your goals that you can revisit over the coming lunar cycle, which means setting personal intentions and planting seeds toward your goals.

DON'T: Run From Your Shadow Side

The energy of Scorpio season 2020 is all about facing the truth that lies at the heart of every matter — regardless of how dark, scary or painful it is. Being vulnerable and acknowledging your most taboo desires and feelings is challenging, but the further we run from our demons, the more sinister they feel. Use the energy of this Scorpio-ruled lunation to face whatever's lurking under the surface of your soul. Once the skeletons are cleared out of your closet, you'll be able to embark on new beginnings with a lighter spirit.

DO: Start Taking Actions Toward Your Goals

This new moon arrives just days after Mars retrograde 2020 ends, which means we'll be able to shake off the lack of motivation we've collectively experienced during the past few months and gain some pep in our step. This fiery burst of energy combined with the new moon's potential for growth will help all zodiac signs jump-start their goals and start making progress. The astrology of the past season has been frustrating and exhausting, but this lunation offers us more drive.

DON'T: Give Into Paranoia In Relationships

During this lunation, Venus (the planet of love and romance) will be clashing with dark and intense planet Pluto, which can make us feel overly-obsessive and controlling within our more intimate relationships. Remind yourself that healthy relationships require vulnerability, and that trying to exert your power over someone else via manipulation will only harm your cause in the end. Instead of thinking up worst case heartbreak scenarios (and taking them out on your crush or partner), take a deep breath and reevaluate your boundaries to ensure you have everything you need to feel safe.

DO: Allow Yourself To Feel Hopeful

The chaos of 2020 has put a damper on our collective mood — but let's allow the fresh-start vibes of this new moon to remind us that there are better days on the horizon. With the new moon linking up with lucky planet Jupiter, our wildest dreams will feel more attainable than ever. So the astrology of this lunation presents us with a choice: Wallow in sadness and let our insecurities get the best of us, or embrace hope and confidence in our ability to achieve success, both personally and collectively. Channel your new moon feelings into positivity and start working optimistically toward what you want.

DON'T: Cling To The Past

The new moon in Scorpio is linking up with Pluto, planet of transformation and rebirth, in a positive sextile aspect. This intense connection will allow us unfettered emotional access to the deepest parts of our soul — and the ability to see the clutter we've collected to try to hide our true selves. Don't resist growth and evolution by clinging to outdated versions of yourself. The toxic relationships, power structures, or belief systems that you're hanging onto will eventually crumble anyway, so the best thing you can do is trust your ability to transform into your most authentic self.