6 Dos & Don'ts During October's Full Harvest Moon

Time to harvest whatever seeds you planted earlier this year.

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2020 has been a whirlwind (to say the least), but we've now somehow survived through autumn — and the first full moon of the season is lighting up the skies on October 1. The October 2020 full harvest moon is bringing a fiery blast of energy to all zodiac signs that will illuminate our relationships and our ability to take charge as we descent into the darker half of the year. That said, being aware of the basic do's and don'ts of the October 2020 full harvest moon can help you make the most of this powerful lunation.

This full moon kicks off an astrologically intense month that's chock-full of action from start to finish — the remainder of this moon cycle leads us straight into the last Mercury retrograde period of the year (which begins October 13), and the month ends with a second (and rare!) full blue moon on Halloween — so let's just say we're glad this lunation is peaking in the realm of cardinal fire sign Aries, the energetic first sign of the zodiac. Aries' lunar energy serves as a cosmic caffeine rush, and we'll feel especially hyped when it comes to charging forward with emotional endeavors and adjusting dynamics within our personal relationships.

However, the headstrong energy of this moon in Aries will be tempered by some other cosmic happenings, so don't hit the gas pedal on your full moon plans too hard. And while there may be some cosmic tension, if you know how to use the October 2020 full harvest moon energy to your advantage, you can make this a productive lunar start to the month that'll set you off on the right foot.

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DO: Be Willing To Compromise

This feisty full moon is in a tug-of-war with the diplomatic and harmony-obsessed sun in Libra, which asks us compromise. While the energy of this lunation highlights our own ability to kick-ass and take tangible action, the overarching Libra season energy reminds us that our desires don't exist in a vacuum — we have to consider our roles and responsibilities within partnerships, and consider our actions in relation to the other people in our lives.

DON'T: Let Impatience Prompt A Full Moon Fit

Alongside the full moon will be a waning-but-tense square aspect between Mars retrograde in Aries and Saturn in Capricorn (which is freshly out of retrograde, mind you), which creates a frustrating vibe that forces us to be patient, even if we feel like our patience reserves have fully run dry. This Mars/Saturn square-off makes conquering plans feel like escaping from a pit of quicksand, so try approaching your goals from a more emotion-focused perspective — you'll find that you have more energy to work with in that arena during this full moon.

DO: Take Advantage Of The Aries-Fueled Energy Boost

Mars, our resident planet of action and physical energy, is down for the count through November thanks to its retrograde period, which means our sense of determination and general energy levels are lower than usual. However, with the energetic full moon rising in fiery Aries (the sign ruled by Mars in astrology), this is an auspicious once-a-year opportunity to bring more competitive projects or confidence-related goals to a self-assured climax.

DON'T: Neglect Your Relationships

Having a full moon in Aries puts a major lunar focus on ourselves, our confidence, and our raw desires. However, on the other side of this zodiacal axis is Libra, the sign of partnerships — which reminds us that in order to propel ourselves to new heights, we have to play fair with others. This is a great full moon to be social and connect with friends or lovers and find ways to make your relationship more fulfilling and mutually beneficial. Capitalize on the full moon's emotional momentum and take charge within your relationships.

DO: Harvest Your Metaphorical Crops

Six months ago feels like an absolute eternity (thanks, 2020), but if you can, reflect on what you were just beginning in your life last April, under the new moon in Aries. October's Harvest moon is an ideal time to refocus on whatever projects or goals you launched into the ether back at the start of quarantine, and make some power moves (or even better, finish them!) so that they can shine in a new light, from a more evolved perspective. It's called the Harvest moon for a reason — it's time to harvest the crops you planted and celebrate the growth.

DON'T: Ignore Your Emotions

Aries is the cardinal fire sign of the zodiac bunch, and its energy is impulsive, brazen, and audacious — which is great! But when we pair this unbridled fireball-esque energy with the emotionally-charged vibe of a full moon, we can expect some big feelings to emerge. It's likely that this lunation will bring up some new feelings in regards to your leadership skills, role in relationships, or even your physical body, and repressing them is likely to end in a full moon blow-up. Avoid an explosive emotional reaction by gently dealing with any new feelings in a more slow-paced way. Try writing them out in your journal or sharing them with a trusted person.