3 Things To Do During September's Full Moon — And 3 Things To Avoid

We can all work this swirl of cosmic forces to our advantage.

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I hope you're ready to hit pause on Virgo season's pure practicality and dive deep into your dreamiest emotions, because the September 2020 full moon kicks off the month in the sensitive water sign of Pisces, which will help all zodiac signs get in touch with their intuition and feelings. This lunation peaks at 10:22 p.m. PT on September 1 and will mix energies with a number of other influential planets — so keeping some simple do's and don'ts of the September 2020 full moon in mind can be a helpful way to make sense of this unpredictable lunar moment.

Pisces is a water sign known for being dreamy, illusive, and emotional, so having the full moon's energy filtered through its lens will heighten our intuitive senses — but can also cause us to get carried away in our feelings. "The full moon in Pisces brings great sensitivity and perception, [and we] can benefit from its creativity and spirituality," astrologer Leslie Hale of tells Bustle. "However, this energy could also create insecurity and make things seem worse than they really are." Because of this lunation's propensity toward fantasy, it's important to lean into Virgo season's more practical-minded nature to balance things out and keep our feet on ground.

This full moon is also taking place right alongside some other intense astrological aspects between influential planets Venus, Mars, and Saturn — and it can make things feel chaotic. With Mars in Aries upping our impulsiveness and competitive streaks fighting with Venus in Cancer (which is making us want to nurture each other and seek comfortable situations), we're bound to feel pulled in all sorts of opposing directions. In short, this is an interesting luminary that brings a eclectic mix of zodiacal energies together.

If we know how to work this swirl of cosmic forces to our advantage, then we can make the most of it. Here's everything you should and shouldn't do during the September 2020 full moon.

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DO: Listen To Your Intuition

This full moon does what full moons do best: brings things to light, for better or worse. Because this lunation takes place in intuitive Pisces, it's important to listen to your gut feelings. Clearing space for intuition without letting emotions or logic completely take over is the key to navigating the complexities of this lunation.

DON'T: Focus Too Much On Love & Money

With Venus (planet of love and money) and Mars (planet of sex and ambition) involved in some friction-filled planetary aspects during this full moon, some of us might experience some romantic discord, low self-esteem in love, and even financial issues. "Some relationships may end at this time, but typically it would be those that are tottering on the edge and are not stable," Hale says. "[This aspect] can also create an interest in romance, but it is frequently based on the physical rather than an emotional connection." That said, it's best to avoid making any major decisions in these areas.

DO: Call On Virgo Season's Grounding Energy

"With this moon, our judgment may also be clouded," Hale says. "There's a thin line to walk between your perceptions (which will be heightened) and your sense of what is real and what is not real." While it's important to create space for our feelings, we must also balance things out by approaching things with an equally logical perspective. Thankfully, having multiple planets in Virgo will help to "give us the ability to discern what we need to know and look at things in a more practical and rounded way," according to Hale, so lean into Virgo season's energy and use it as your full moon anchor.

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DON'T: Get Lost In Anxieties

Honoring your feelings is important, but doing so can easily lead to anxiousness about the future — and emotional realizations about the past. "This [full moon] can bring a magical or other-worldly type of energy, but it may also bring up deep-seated issues that can relate to emotionality and endings," Hale says. "Pisces [energy] has a tendency toward bringing up information that was previously hidden, and the revelations can be deeply emotional." Don't run from the truth under this full moon. If you're willing to face whatever feelings rise to the surface, you'll begin the process of healing past wounds.

DO: Revisit Pre-Pandemic Goals With A New Perspective

Think back to what was happening in your life in late February 2020, during those final weeks before the coronavirus pandemic reshaped our lives. That's when the new moon in Pisces took place — and this month's corresponding full moon in Pisces could bring some of the ideas, energies, and projects that you were focused on then to a full circle climax. Lots of our dreams were put on hold, but now's a great time to revisit your past goals and come at them with a fresh set of eyes. Listen to your heart and see if they still resonate — or if it's time to let go and start focusing energy elsewhere.

DON'T: Be Resistant To Change

With the full moon in mutable water sign Pisces, we're being asked to embrace a more free-flowing and changeable approach to our relationships and ways of thinking. This need for extra adaptability is highlighted even more so by the moon's connection to Uranus — known as the planet of sudden change — which is forming a positive sextile aspect with this luminary. This dynamic brings potential for unexpected shifts in circumstances, sudden realizations, and unpredictable emotions — but fighting these flashes of feeling by trying to stay inside your emotional comfort zone won't help.