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Penelope Featherington Of Bridgerton Is Most Definitely A Scorpio

An astrologer is convinced.

Penelope Featherington Of 'Bridgerton' Is Most Definitely A Scorpio
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In Astrologically Speaking, astrologers make their case for your new favorite character's zodiac sign, based on specific scenes, quotes, and even fashion choices. Here, Astrologer Six, creator of Black Women Cry, explains why Penelope Featherington of Bridgerton is most definitely a Scorpio.

From reading our daily horoscopes to sharing astrology memes on Instagram, it’s nearly impossible not to think about how astrology influences our lives. Since we’re glued to our screens marathon-watching now more than ever, it only makes sense that we'd analyze the fictional characters we’re talking about in our group texts from an astrological lens, too. As an astrologer, I can tell you that without a doubt, Penelope Featherington from Bridgerton embodies a Scorpio Sun sign. She may not be the main character, but as far as dramatic peers come, the 17-year-old definitely makes a name for herself. Here are my top three reasons for why Penelope must have her Sun in the Pluto-ruled zodiac sign. Spoilers for Bridgerton follow.

1. Penelope Is A Private Person

Penelope is the youngest of the Featherington family. She is known for always wearing yellow and for her anonymous gossip column. Penelope secretly writes the scandal sheets that are continuously mentioned throughout the show — the Queen even reads them! Scorpios don’t talk about themselves much; they prefer to let you into their world as opposed to overwhelming you with “unnecessary” details. With Penelope’s major outlet for gossip, why would she bother to share the details of her life carelessly with strangers? The Sun symbolizes what energy a person aspires toward, and in Scorpio, the Sun becomes housed in an underworldly-like state. Having a gossip sheet has shown Penelope how the power of words can transform or destroy people’s reputations overnight. For instance, Marina Thompson’s engagement was called off and her reputation was tarnished after Penelope announced her secret pregnancy in Lady Whistledown’s Society Papers. As the show progresses, Penelope starts censoring her column to fit societal expectations. Which for this likely Scorpio means promenading about and not worrying herself with studies.

2. Penelope Is An Attentive Person

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Throughout the show, Penelope proves herself to be an engaged listener, who has a seemingly keen understanding of the world around her. In fact, her gossip sheet may help motivate her to pay attention to others. In Episode 4, “An Affair of Honor,” Penelope is seen walking through the town’s shopping center with her friend Eloise Bridgerton, who shares that she’s dreaming of a day when her education or desire for adventure can take precedence over being chosen by a man. In this scene, Eloise does most of the talking while Penelope practices her active listening skills. Scorpio rules over some of the most intimate and private parts of a person, and Scorpio Suns understand the importance of being attentive to others’ needs. They value intimacy and its power to transform people and situations, which is likely why Penelope is careful to share herself with others.

3. Penelope Is Mildly Obsessive

Penelope is the type of person who can get fixated on an idea or a feeling and may have trouble letting go. In Episode 6, “Swish,” a scene features the Featherington and Bridgerton families at dinner. Marina, Penelope’s house guest and Colin Bridgerton’s fiancée, is attempting to impress the Bridgerton family while hiding the fact that she’s pregnant. To make matters even messier, Penelope has a crush on Colin. Their age difference and the sheer fact that Marina and Colin are engaged doesn’t stop Penelope from pulling him aside for a one-on-one, in hopes that he’ll call off the engagement. During this conversation, Penelope tells Colin that Marina has a complicated relationship with another man. Major spoiler alert: Marina is pregnant with somebody else’s child and hiding it from Colin. Being ruled by Pluto, Scorpios have inherited a reputation for getting consumed by issues that don’t concern them. Penelope’s decision to continuously pry into Marina and Colin’s love life, ultimately contributing to the end of their relationship, is an example of her Scorpionic tendencies.


Penelope is not perfect, but she’s also only 17. Being a pre-Saturn return Scorpio Sun, she still has growing up to do before reaching her astrological adulthood. Driven by the transformational power of Pluto, she’s already accomplished a lot as a notorious writer. Penelope may not be the main character of the show, but as a Scorpio, she clearly demands attention.