13 Of TikTok’s Best Food Hacks

Try these easy viral recipes at home.

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From astrology insights, to makeup tutorials, daily routine tips, and, of course, the Bones Forecast, there’s plenty of self-improvement and education resources on TikTok to make your scrolling more impactful. And, as has been demonstrated from the whipped coffee and baked feta pasta frenzies of recent years, TikTok is also a pretty great place to get some innovative, or just downright wacky, food hacks. If you’ve yet to cultivate a foodie FYP with your algorithm, or, if you’ve had the dreaded experience of accidentally swiping away from a recipe on TikTok without saving it, you might be wishing there was a way to reference your TikTok cookbook without having to scroll through the abyss. Before you hop back on the app on the hunt for tonight’s dinner idea, save those scrolling thumbs for stirring.

From unique recipes like the salmon rice bowl, to handy techniques like the folded tortilla hack, plenty of TikTok food hacks have spiced up our timelines. And, with many users giving a step-by-step tutorial in their videos, it’s a fairly accessible way to expand your cooking skills. Whether you’re looking for some recipe inspiration, or just want to ogle over some aesthetically delicious videos, there’s an all-you-can-eat buffet of food content on TikTok. Grab your sous chef and wipe the drool off your phone screen. Here are the best food hacks on TikTok.

1. Creamy Ramen

One of the best things about ramen is how versatile it is as a meal. Looking to be fancy but frugal? Some chopped scallions and a soft-boiled egg can level up your instant ramen in a pinch. According to Time Out, this creamy ramen recipe comes from YouTuber Harapeko Grizzly. For this recipe, all you’ll need is to add a raw egg, garlic, and — the key ingredient — Kewpie mayo.

2. Folded Tortilla

As anyone who’s ever gotten a double-wrapped burrito at Chipotle will tell you, sometimes there is such thing as too much tortilla. Luckily, TikTok user @ellcarter1’s tortilla folding hack has changed that. Cut down the radius of a tortilla, spread your toppings into four quadrants, then fold the tortilla into a triangle. You’ll be sure to get flavor in every bite.

3. Salmon Rice Bowl

When TikTok users first saw Emily Mariko post a video of herself topping a plate of salmon and rice with an ice cube and a piece of paper, many might have thought they were about to get trolled with a fake recipe hack. But no. Instead, TikTok received the almighty Salmon Rice Bowl. To make this, you’ll want to mince salmon on a plate with your fork, mix the salmon with steamed rice, and top the dish with soy sauce, sriracha, and Kewpie mayo. Throw some cubed avocado on there and eat the dish with seaweed.

4. Baked Feta Pasta

If you’ve heard of any TikTok food hack, it’s probably this one. The recipe, first created as “uuni feta pasta” by Finnish food blogger Jenni Häyrinen, is fairly straightforward. Bake a block of feta surrounded by cherry tomatoes in the oven, and, once the feta is melted, stir in pasta for a rich and creamy sauce. Plus, you can opt to make it vegan!

5. Dalgona Coffee

Not to be confused with the infamous Squid Game dalgona candies, dalgona coffee is better known by TikTok as “whipped” coffee. As the name suggests, the coffee is made by whipping together instant coffee powder, sugar, and hot water until it turns into a frothy consistency. Drink like it’s March 2020 all over again.

6. Baked Oats

Every morning can feel like a celebration with this cake-like oats recipe. This dish is made by blending oats, milk, and other ingredients like egg in a blender. Once you’ve formed a batter-like consistency, bake the mixture in an oven. Customize the dish with the classic toppings like fruits and nuts.

7. Cloud Bread

While this recipe definitely is as heavenly as its name sounds, users might be a bit disappointed to learn that cloud bread tastes a lot less like bread as it does like a marshmallow. To create this airy treat, you’ll want to whip egg whites together with sugar and corn starch until the frothy mixture turns into a meringue-like cream. Bake it, break it open, and let the cloud bread melt in your mouth like cotton candy.

8. Pesto Eggs

Here’s a TikTok hack that’s as easy as they come. Making use of the olive oil base of pesto, this recipe calls for users to grease their frying pan with pesto before cooking their eggs. Let your eggs soak up the mixture, and you’ll end up with some green eggs that even Sam, I am, might enjoy.

9. Focaccia Art

If you couldn’t tell already, this food hack has “lockdown boredom” written all over it. Inspired by the work of Vineyard Baker, the TikTok focaccia art trend is pretty simple. Gather ingredients like fresh vegetables and herbs, and create a design of your choice to bake on top of your focaccia loaf. The most popular design is typically a garden, given how easy it is for veggies to double as flowers.

10. Twisted Bacon

Whether you prefer a healthier breakfast, or just hate dodging the splattering oils of frying bacon, baking bacon in the oven is a great food hack in itself. But this twisted bacon approach totally changed the breakfast game forever. By twisting your bacon strips before baking them, the strips get a perfect balance of crispy, soft, and juicy. Plus, they’re a pretty great aesthetic embellishment for your next brunch spread.

11. Roasted Garlic

TikTokers everywhere have been incorporating this garlic roasting approach to their cooking videos — and, maybe it’s just for the aesthetic, but it looks pretty delicious. Cut the ends off of a bulb of garlic, top with olive oil and seasoning, and bake in the oven. By the time it’s done, it will be soft enough for you to squeeze the mushy cloves onto ... Well, anything really. Garlic goes with everything.

12. Accordion Potatoes

If you’re looking for an Instagram-worthy potatoes recipe (yes, it’s possible), accordion potatoes will have your taste buds and your eyes titillated. Cut your potatoes into slices, then make criss-cross cuts across the surface, being careful not to cut all the way through the slice. Brush a yummy garlic butter sauce onto the potato, and bake. Waffle fries will have met their match with this fancy potato treat.

13. 15-Hour Potatoes

As you might guess from the name, this recipe requires a bit of patience. But, if you have it in you to wait almost a full day before enjoying this crispy, crunchy potato goodness, it appears by most TikTokers’ reactions to be worth it. The key to this recipe is thinly slicing potatoes before stacking them into a dish and letting them marinate in beef fat. Once removing them from the refrigerator, the dish will form together into a cohesive bar of potato slices. Cut them into cubes, fry them, and the result is a flaky, crispy, and rich treat.

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