All About The Sun, Leo’s Ruling Planet

The star of the zodiacal show.

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The qualities of your zodiac sign — your motivations, quirks, and needs — didn’t just come out of nowhere. In astrology, each zodiac sign is represented by a planetary ruler. When it comes to warm-hearted and self-assured Leo, its ruling planet isn’t actually a planet at all, but the brightest (and arguably the most important) star in our solar system. Regardless of the weather, the courageous fire sign manages to shine, and they owe it to their planetary ruler for their ability to keep their confidence high.

Leo’s ruling planet is the sun, which speaks directly to the fixed fire sign’s natural confident glow and self-importance. In astrology, the sun is associated with vigor, energy, and the self. In the same way that the sun represents life, your sun sign rules your core identity. For Leos, being secure in themselves and aware of their personal power is key to who they are.

“The sun in your natal chart shows how and where you want to shine,” astrologer Tamerri Ater-Ntonni tells Bustle. “People born with the sun in Leo are associated with being bold, regal and the center of attention, because the sun is all of those things.”

Leos aren’t the only zodiac signs impacted by the glistening cosmic body — unraveling the archetype of the sun is a great way to understand your birth chart and any Leo placements you may have. Read on to learn more about Leo’s ruling planet, the sun.

All About The Sun, Leo’s Ruling Planet

While it’s not a planet, the Sun is responsible for life on earth. The 4.5 billion-year-old yellow dwarf star lies at the center of our solar system and is made up of helium and hydrogen. Many cultures’ mythologies center the sun as a life-giver: In Aboriginal traditions, for example, the sun is personified as a woman who wakes up from camp in the east and embarks on a daily passage back to her campsite.

Similarly, the sun rules over our sense of importance and our self-esteem. “The sun’s gravity keeps the solar system together, so it’s an important part of a birth chart and is connected to our ego, will, personal power, and creative expression,” explains Ater-Ntonni. “The sun was assigned as the ruler of Leo due to the constellation’s northern position in the sky relative to earth.”

Your sun sign manifests in your most notable habits, unique qualities, and motivations. It reflects the way you express yourself outwardly. If your sun sign is in Aquarius, for example, you have an unconventional vibe, are forward-thinking, and are motivated by humanitarianism or moving society forward somehow.

The Sun’s Influence On Leo

When you’re ruled by the heavenly body responsible for life on earth, you gain a sense of self-importance that is unique to these brave fire signs. In astrology, the sun represents the self, which is why your sun sign indicates your outward personality and the lens through which you see the world. Likewise, Leos are energetic signs that are all about self-expression. Leos are also associated with childlike wonder and artistry, much like the sun symbolizes vitality and life itself.

Psychiatrist Carl Jung believed that the sun archetype represents the ego, creativity, and wisdom. Think of the sun as the ego illuminating the darkness of the subconscious, bringing your needs and motivations to light. Their sun ruler might be able to explain why Leos are often said to have main character energy, viewing the world as revolving around them rather than the collective. But that isn’t to knock the Lion — these fire signs are simply comfortable being the center of attention.