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This Squid Game Alarm Clock Might Be The Most Terrifying Piece Of Merch Yet

Snoozing is a dangerous game.

by Bustle UK
'Red Light Green Light' in 'Squid Game'

Only four weeks after first airing and Squid Game has already beaten Bridgerton to the post of most poplar Netflix series launch yet. And while it has spurred on many trends, products and pieces of merch – there’s everything from pet costumes, to nail art, and countless memes – the most terrifying is without a doubt the Squid Game alarm clock.

Based on the first game featured in the Korean dystopian drama, Red Light Green Light, the alarm clock takes the same sinister shape of the doll-like figure, but in a smaller, bedside table-friendly size. What is not so friendly is the wake up call: miss the alarm and she shoots darts at your head. Soft pellets, according to NME; not actual bullets.

So where can you buy the Squid Game alarm clock? Well, sadly (or not so sadly, depending on your snoozing habits) the alarm clock is only a concept, and therefore not available to purchase. (Yet.)

Created by Chilean 3D concept designer and filmmaker @gaspar.3d and @nanvo, their idea for this alarming piece of merch went viral after they posted it on Instagram. One Twitter user wrote: “Well this is straight up the scariest thing ever.” Another said: “Looks like I’ve got an early front runner for my Secret Santa gift.”

The appetite for Squid Game can only be described as voracious. In less than a month, its viewership increased by 481%, and the hashtag #SquidGame has been viewed more than 22.8 billion times on TikTok.

It’s popularity really comes down to a long-standing fascination with the idea of gamifying survival. There is even now an actual IRL tournament (though not as deadly, obviously) happening in Abu Dhabi. And for those less intrigued in the game but fascinated by the aesthetic, there is an AirBnB that looks very similar to the Squid Game HQ. But those hoping to get their hands on the alarm clock will just have to wait until it is put into production which, let’s face it, can’t be far off.