10 Netflix Original Shows That’ll Take Date Night To The Next Level

Suzanne Hanover / Netflix

Movie night is so 2013. These days, it's all about the marathon-power of the series, and no one knows that better than Netflix. But sometimes finding a show that both you and your partner can agree on for date night (or, let's be honest, the whole weekend) can be taxing. The debate around what to watch for date night comes in second only to that unanswerable enigma: "What do you want for dinner, babe?" If you and your S/O go back and forth only to wind up watching How I Met Your Mother for the zillionth time, well don't worry. Netflix has actually been spending millions of dollars on brand new streaming programing just so that you'd never have to have that argument again. Thoughtful, right? Behold: the roundup of the best Netflix original series for date night.

Everyone knows about the biggies: Stranger Things, Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, The Crown. But what about after you finish those? What are two couch-bound lovebirds to do? Below is a list of some of Netflix's lower-profile but still high-quality original series that will keep you and your partner cuddled up for hours.

Whether it's high-stakes drama, heart-warming reality, or old-fashioned rom-coms that keep you and your bae tuned in, this list has something for everyone.


'Alias Grace'

If you both love Handmaids Tale, then it's time to give Alias Grace a go. Based on another novel by Handmaids author Margaret Atwood, Alias Grace is a miniseries which premiered on Netflix in November 2017. Both the novel and the show are based on the true story of Grace Marks, a maid who was convicted of murdering her employer and his housekeeper/mistress in 1843. It's basically true crime meets Downton Abbey in Canada, and I won't say any more than that, since the mystery of Grace's innocence or guilt is what makes the whole story so gripping. Just make sure you savor it, though, because Alias Grace is just six episodes long and likely won't be extended for a Season 2.


'BoJack Horseman'

Perfect for the couple that likes Rick & Morty and other off-kilter comedies with a dark side, BoJack Horseman isn't your average Family Guy-type cartoon. For a show about a has-been TV star that happens to be a horse, BoJack Horseman is surprisingly grounded and real, particularly in its portrayal of mental health. Main character BoJack (Will Arnett) suffers from depression as he tries to get his career back on track, alongside a colorful cast of characters that includes his feline girlfriend Princess Carolyn (played by Amy Sedaris). Best of all? The show already has four seasons out and is set to return for Season 5 on Sept. 14.


'Chef's Table'

For the pair who dreams of eating their way across the globe, Chef's Table will have you jotting down endless goals for your bucket list. Feast your eyes on the culinary brilliance of some of the world's most renowned chefs, their remarkable stories, and the mouthwatering dishes that made them famous. It's total food porn, and all those glorious shots of minuscule portions will give you and your bae the chance to become the couch food critics you've always dreamed of becoming. Once you gobble up Volumes 1 through 4, you can also try the Francophile addition, Chef's Table: France.



For the Pärchen (that's "couple", in German) that doesn't mind reading subtitles, Dark is Netflix's first German original series. Set in a small town in modern-day Germany, two teenage boys go missing as the series unfolds. That probably sounds familiar, but as Bustle's Samantha Rollins points out, Dark is no Stranger Things. If the Stranger Things' nostalgia factor didn't charm you the way it did others, then you might find the deeper philosophical underpinnings of Dark to be just the the right speed for your date night special feature.


'Dear White People'

What's a relationship if you can't talk about real issues? Based on the Netflix original movie by the same name, Dear White People will make you confront the concept of institutional racism that's so ingrained in institutions of higher education. While it's not based on a true story exactly, creator Justin Simien was inspired by his own university experience. In an essay on Medium, he referred to Dear White People as "a way for me to express the everyday conundrums and challenges of being a 'black face' in a 'mostly white space.' A way to comment on the 'black experience' as I knew it to be, but rarely saw reflected in the culture."


'Jessica Jones'

Perfect for the supes fan and the feminist, Jessica Jones is the action hero everyone can stan. Played by the ultra-lovable Krysten Ritter, Jessica is 1/4 of the Defenders, and — frankly — she might be the best one. Drenched in the same toxic chemicals that killed her family, Jones managed to walk away from the accident with super-strength, endurance, and the ability to fly. But rather than an origins story, Netflix's Jessica Jones follows the heroine a little later down the road, after she's taken a step back from life as a super hero and opens her own detective agency instead.



No list of Netflix original date night series would be complete without mentioning Love. If all you really want out of night is to watch two fictional people fall in love on screen, then look no further. The show's three-season arc explores the relationship between Mickey (Gillian Jacobs) and Gus (Paul Rus), and yet it also tries to subvert the basic expectations of the romantic-comedy genre every step of the way. Love aims to be realistic, above all else, and for that it might be just the breath of fresh air you and your partner need.


'Peaky Blinders'

Originally created by the BBC, but with Netflix holding the US distribution rights, Peaky Blinders pretty much has it all: simmering drama, complex characters, shocking violence, old-timey Brummie accents, and the gorgeous face of Cillian Murphy. Murphy plays Thomas Shelby, the leader of the Birmingham gangsters known as the Peaky Blinders. Set just after World War I, the series shows the after-effects of the war on the boys at home, as well as the day-to-day struggles when it comes to managing the largest organized crime ring in northern England (and growing). Whether you're in it for the period drama or the gangster scuffles or just the kick-ass theme song, there's no doubt that you and your partner will find something to agree on. Plus, Tom Hardy is in it and who doesn't love Tom Hardy?


'Santa Clarita Diet'

You like comedy and your other half likes horror? No problem. Santa Clarita Diet will whet both your appetites. The premise is simple: Suburban mom Sheila Hammond (Drew Barrymore) gets bitten by a zombie and develops a craving for human flesh. Ever the supportive partner, her husband Joel (Timothy Olyphant) decides to help his wife get the blood she needs, and dark hilarity ensues. It's gross, funny, relatable, and will definitely get you both thinking about what it really means to be a loving, supportive, partner.


'Queer Eye'

For the reality-loving duo (and actually, for everyone), Queer Eye is must-see TV. A revamped version of the original 2003 series Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, Netflix's Queer Eye follows an all new Fab Five (i.e., a group of five fabulous gay men specializing in cooking, design, culture, fashion, and grooming) as they travel the US and make over people in serious need of a lifestyle pick-me-up. It's wholesome, it's heartwarming, it's got great DIY tips for you to apply to your own lives. And best of all, each individual episode is a stand alone story so your partner might not even notice if you keep watching it on your own.

So grab a blanket and your best babe and get watching, because at the rate Netflix keeps churning out these original bangers, you and your boo might never have to get off the couch again.