10 Things '90s Kids Have To Look Forward To In 2017

While 2016 is definitely near the top of the list in terms of '90s nostalgia, there are a number of things '90s kids have to look forward to in 2017. Some of your favorite childhood shows are returning, certain '90s fashion is making a comeback, and a few of our absolute top-pick movies are going to finally grace us with a long-awaited reboot. 2016 may have been a good year for '90s babies, but 2017 isn't going to disappoint.

Why are we so obsessed with the '90s? It's a question that's already been explored by many. It was a time of rapid growth in the field of technology, celebrities and designers were getting extra daring with fashion and beauty, and consumerism took a turn for the awesome/kind of startling. One intriguing theory for why we're so in love with the '90s is that because of how quickly everything was developing (particularly technology), we clearly remember devices and toys that are now obsolete and outdated. To us, it seems like just yesterday... because it really wasn't that long ago.

Everyone knows this — which is why still today, the '90s keep coming back for more and more. And we soak it all up. Here's what you can expect to see in 2017.

1Iridescent Lipstick


Frosty, pastel lips were all the rages in the '90s and early '00s — and they're back. Too Faced is getting in on the action with Unicorn Tears, while Sigma Beauty has their Lip Switch glosses. And they're not alone when it comes to the return of iridescent lipstick; there's plenty in the works.

2The Possible Return Of The Nokia 3310


While the re-release of the Nokia 3310 is currently but a rumor, the possibility of the return of the iconic mobile phone that debuted at the start of the millennium has us '90s kids filled with nostalgic butterflies.

3Reboots Of Your Favorite Shows


The Magic School Bus is getting a reboot (Magic School Bus 360°, with Ms. Frizzle voiced by the one and only Kate McKinnon), as is DuckTales. As an added bonus, Full House fans were thrilled to learn that not only will Fuller House have a Season 3, but it's going to be a whopping 18 episodes — five episodes more than Seasons 1 and 2.


Loreen Sarkis/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Whoever said the '90s are dead clearly hasn't been paying attention to the likes of Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and Bella Thorne — just three Hollywood celebs who've all been spotted wearing some variation of the classic '90s choker. True, this resurgence kind of started in 2016; but designers are still getting in on the resurgence, and cool stores like Charming Charlie and BaubleBar are joining in on the fun, often with a modern twist.

5The "I Love The '90s" Tour


The North American tour continues through April 28 before going global, and features '90s favorites like Salt-N-Pepa, Vanilla Ice, and Coolio. Relive the '90s... live!

6Bill Nye Is Back

Netflix US & Canada on YouTube

Honestly, he never left. Bill Nye (the science guy — BILL! BILL! BILL!) has remained a vocal advocate in all matters of science. And this spring, the '90s superhero is returning with Bill Nye Saves The World on Netflix. This will come in handy for anyone who still thinks climate change isn't real — like the president, or whoever.

7Crop Tops


The 'rents totally wouldn't allow these when you were a kid; but now you're an adult and can do whatever the heck you want. Luckily, we're all getting a second chance with crop tops, which have made a definite return — particularly in athletic wear.

8The Ultimate '90s Movies

Disney Movie Trailers on YouTube

The new and hopefully improved Power Rangers feature film comes out March 24, Beauty And The Beast returns March 17, and It is coming back Sept. 8, to continue giving us nightmares for another 30 years. But... Beauty And The Beast, you guys! I'm not crying. You're crying.

9'90s Gap Is Back

Gap on YouTube

Remember how iconic the Gap was in the '90s? Well, with the Gap's '90s archive re-issue collection, you can relive that glory all over again. Heck. And yes.

10Lisa Frank Like You've Never Seen It


The psychedelic colors of Lisa Frank splashed across our folders and notebooks; and now, the infamous '90s brand is getting its own live-action movie. This is not a drill.