The 'GoT' Season 7 Finale Could Be A Depressing Affair

Macall B. Polay/HBO

To be a fan of Game of Thrones, you must be a glutton for punishment — it just comes with the territory. Yes, viewers of the HBO series are rewarded for their hardships with one of the most entertaining television shows to ever grace TV, but that doesn't mean it's always easy to be devoted to Game of Thrones. With only 13 episodes left of the entire series, the Season 7 finale of Game of Thrones is sure to be a devastating affair. Considering the end of Season 7 will be the lead-up to the final six episodes of Game of Thrones, it's going to need to be epic — and with epicness comes a lot of heartache. While you're probably already wondering how the series based off of George R. R. Martin's books will end, fans have to get through Season 7 first — and these theories about how Game of Thrones Season 7 could end are seriously depressing.

Every season finale of Game of Thrones needs to end with a bang. And Season 6 literally did so with Cersei using the wildfire to blow up the Sept. While moments like these are what Game of Thrones fans live for, they also come with a price. Beloved characters die, power balances shift, and anguish over what will become of the surviving characters ensues. As the Season 7 finale will be the last one before the series finale, the show is most likely going to pull out all the stops. That means that along with moments of triumph, the Game of Thrones Season 7 finale will also be depressing. So prepare for the worst with a roundup of just some of the most depressing theories about how Game of Thrones Season 7 will end.


Jaime Kills Cersei

Depending on your opinion of Cersei, her death may not necessarily be depressing, but it will be a shame to lose the force that is Lena Headey on the show. Making it even more upsetting would be if her twin brother/lover killed her. This theory is based on a prophecy from the book series that says Cersei's "valonqar" (High Valyrian for "little brother") will kill her. While people originally thought that meant Tyrion, as the series goes on, there seems to be more of a case that Jaime will be the one to kill Cersei — especially if she marries Euron Greyjoy, which is another fan theory. Yet, don't fret too much since Headey will more than likely appear in Season 8.


Uncle Euron Defeats Yara and Theon

Speaking of the King of the Iron Islands, in an interview with MTV News, Euron Greyjoy actor Pilou Asbæk said that his character will cause trouble "enough to get satisfied — good satisfied." That certainly doesn't sound like good news for his niece Yara and nephew Theon, so could Season 7 be when Theon dies? He sure has lived through a lot to be killed off by his family.


Euron Learns How To Train A Dragon

Uncle Euron marrying Cersei and killing his family aren't the only theories about his character. Another devastating one came from GamesRadar+ and it proposed that Euron could control one of Dany's dragons during a battle. Any bad happening to Daenerys' dragon children makes me inconsolable, so one of them being manipulated by her enemy is just too much to take.


Cersei Aligns Herself With The Night King

DigitalSpy mentioned that Cersei's breath in the Season 7 trailer turning into the Night King's eye could be a hint that she joins forces with the leader of the White Walkers in Season 7. I'm not sure how interested the Night King is with forming alliances with humans, but the White Walkers did have a deal with Craster, so this theory may not be as crazy as it seems.


Bran Allows The White Walkers To Cross The Wall

The White Walkers are surely going to cause a lot of grief in Season 7 and Bran may have something to do with it. After Bran was touched by the Night King during Season 6's traumatic episode "The Door," the White Walkers were able to infiltrate the Three-Eyed Raven's previously safe space. This had led to theories that if Bran goes south of the Wall in Season 7 that the White Walkers will be able to follow him. Although it's cold beyond the Wall, that's not cool, Bran.


Littlefinger Drives Jon & Sansa Apart

Jon and Sansa already don't have the best relationship and she was resentful toward Jon for not including her in the plans against Ramsay Bolton in Season 6. Littlefinger wants to be on the Iron Throne with Sansa by his side and Sansa used Littlefinger's connections to defeat Ramsay's army, so — as the Daily Beast pointed out — it's possible that Littlefinger will continue to stoke the flames of resentment between these siblings (errr, cousins). That means Season 7 could end with Jon and Sansa on opposite sides of the battle.


Ser Jorah Dies

Last time viewers saw Jorah Mormont, his beloved Daenerys told him to go and cure his greyscale and come back to her. But even if he doesn't die from greyscale, there are plenty of other ways to die while serving the Mother of Dragons. Actor Iain Glen only confused matters about his character's fate when he told Winter Is Coming, "I've always enjoyed playing Jorah. It's been a role that's been good to me so far … There's quite a high death count in Game of Thrones and they don't blanch at removing favorite characters. They just get rid of them in a brutal way. My end may well be close but so far I'm doing okay."


Gendry Teams Up With Cersei

While the idea of Gendry coming back is far from depressing, viewers might feel differently if Gendry has changed since he first got in that rowboat in Season 3. TVLine theorized Gendry could be bad now and Winter Is Coming offered some pretty solid speculation that Gendry could be Cersei and Robert's legitimate son. That would be bad for Team Jon and Daenerys.


The Hound Loses Cleganebowl

A fan theory that has been circulating the internet is that the Hound will have an epic battle with his brother, the Mountain. This is known as Cleganebowl and with the Hound alive, fans will riot if this doesn't happen. One scenario that would make this possible in the Season 7 finale is if the Hound goes to fight the Mountain in an effort to get Cersei off the Iron Throne. Yet, with the Mountain being zombified and all, the Hound could die as he battles his brother — so maybe fans should stop wishing for Cleganebowl after all.


Arya Doesn't Meet Up With Jon & Sansa

Considering how physically close Arya is to Winterfell, I'd expect that she would reunite with Jon and Sansa long before the Season 7 finale, but TVLine broke my heart when it proposed that Arya could have another Red Wedding scenario. Meaning, she'd be super close to reuniting with her family again, but then something awful would happen to keep them apart forever.


Arya's Direwolf Will Die

Fans have been excitedly theorizing that Arya's long-lost direwolf will return one day, but terrible things tend to happen to Arya (see above). So what if Nymeria did come back at the end of Season 7, only to die saving Arya? Another theory Inverse came up with is that Nymeria will fight a dragon. No matter how Nymeria could possibly die, this might be the most depressing Game of Thrones theory ever. #SaveTheDirewolves!

Whether or not any of these theories come true, you should still be prepared for some significant devastation when Game of Thrones Season 7 premieres on July 16. But as fans of the series know, you gotta take the good with the bad when it comes to Game of Thrones and at least it's almost always worth it.